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When I would Go Away

I would go in few days To a land far along What to do there, I guess And I am leaving stuff here just like in a long recess
I would be looking for people That I used to know And then looking for places Where we used to go
I'd promise the changes But I'd never change me No matter how distant We would seem to be We use to be like kids Being near each other And I would never forget Like we always love each other But this phase's not over yet
But again I am when you are. Its like that when we are a pair Let the rain fall and I don't care I am yours and suddenly you are mine and everything's brighter than sunshine And this I don't wanna let go Alone in these waters I don't wanna row.
The neons are too bright The world is way too fast The look of cities at night And colored stores behind glass The reflecting streets in the rain And the wavy fields back home They're never ever the same