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Indian Affairs: A Sorry State

Well, after long topsy turvy days I am penning down something. Hope this post doesn't hurt anybody's sentiments. Please bear with my uncharacteristic sentences, if there'd be any.

There wasn't any topic worthy of consideration other than the sorry state of affairs in India. Not that writing about it or humming the same over social media gives me immense pleasure, but the apathy of the rulers, coupled with no surge of genuine efforts from the commoners at large - leaves the nation at unfathomable pity.

On the West and North-west, a politician with good oratory skills moves lakhs of Indians, convincing them of some sort of a change. The political party in charge, before hours of the event, distributes free skull caps and burqas to the Muslim community which attends the rally. Travel expenses were also paid. A good marketing tactic, many would think, but at the same time in North-east, at Muzaffarnagar, the same party is also accused of kick-starting a riot. Riots are conta…