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Streets were his love. He loved to roam around, observe people, sit by the tea joints and listen to people ranting. He didn't meddle in anybody's affairs.

That day, he was walking on the street, when he suddenly saw a little girl and a boy - probably siblings - play around. They were talking about a recent story their grandma had told them. He tried to listen to their voices - young and full of grandeur.

"My dad likes to ride like a hero. No one can drive faster," the boy said. The girl continued, "When we go back home, we need to talk to our mom. She never replies back." "Idiot, mom lives in a photo, I don't know if she'd ever talk. We should tell her what granny said. Maybe then, she will talk back," the boy said.

He was listening to them intently. His attention was disturbed by a big crash. A trailer was parked just next to where the kids were playing on the road. A car was speeding down the road - the driver was probably off-balanced - he…