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my facebook.

It's a place where you can always look for a friend,
Who's filling empty lives and considered a godsend..

Who reads your wall posts and who likes all the crap,
Comments about all posts, otherwise dull at best..

Chatting and posting about almost anything you please,
Hopefully everyone behaves nice and never dislikes..

Post your favorite photos for the chosen ones to see..
Friends better "like" them or comment pleasantly!

"I can't believe you really ate a thousand puchkas on that day!"
Sorry, but reading silly achievements is just fucking lame!

How much useless it be, I seemingly give in to the shit,
It gives me one small hope, from turning my brains to shit!

I don't want to kill this realm of, as you say, the mindless bore,
It's at least better than talking with friends you don't like anymore!