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Thoughtful Mind & Careless Heart

Empty words and
broken promises,
blank stares and
wild caresses.

broken hearts,
torn and apart
thinking minds,
blocked and

enter the grim,
enter the
enter the life
of a real

behind the scene,
the faces are the same,
all prisoners
of the same game.

hold still,
the breath that chill,
the hands so cold,
the lips so

hold the heart,
slap the mind.
punch the tears
break the

silent screams,
all spread
the night so cold,
the haunting

the tears that crawled,
the cheeks that glowed.
the sob that counts
the life of a girl.

unfold the lies,
repeat the song,
replay the past.
let me watch.

the dead night
that freezes the soul,

The "Small" Things of Life

Today's Thoughts is going to center on "small" aspects that I am grateful for. This is partially because I'm lazy, but also because when I feel like the "big" things might not being going well, I have a hard time saying I'm grateful for them. Actually, it is these Small things in Life which shape it. I have realised that Lifes' not only about sneeking into the rat race and ending among the leaders, instead, we should also respect the tiny moments that are always taken for granted, cos they are already with us.
I sometimes find it hard to decide if I am grateful for things like the ability to judge "right" from "wrong", but I can't argue about liking the feel of a warm bed. While I'm not sure whether I have free will or if life is deterministic, I still like the taste of an orange. And when it sometimes seems that everything is going wrong, at least I am still grateful when momma reminds me "Its time for Prayers, Piku.…

Har jagah teri maujudgi si hai...

Heres a poem written by my one of my best friends, who has now just finished her Honours. I insisted on putting up a few of her writings, and this is one of them.

Aankhon me ek halki nami si hai,
aur labon pe thehre hue jazbaat bhi hain,
Tu nahin hai, par har jagah teri maujudgi si hai....

Maddham si hawa me meethe sangeet ki gunj si hai
darwaaje pe tere aane ki aahat si hai
Tu nahin hai, par har jagah teri maujudgi si hai....

Kamre ki har tasveer me teri parchaayi si hai
chitthiyon me tere haathon ki khushbu si hai
Tu nahin hai, par har jagah teri maujudgi si hai....

Baarish ke boondon me teri chuwan si hai
nazdeeki mehsus hoti hai, dil me bechaini si hai
Tu nahin hai, par har jagah teri maujudgi si hai....

Maathe ki bindiya me teri chavi si hai,
sajte sawarte aaine me dekhti mujhe teri nazar si hai
Tu nahin hai, par har jagah teri maujudgi si hai....

Kangan me khanak aur payal mein jhankar si hai,
sochke tujhe, honth me mere dabi hui muskuraahat si hai,
Tu nahin hai, par har jagah teri maujudgi si ha…


Ohh..I am just bored with myself - am not getting to complete even one of a few poems I have written...!!! I am fed up, actually, as these days writing does not seem so easy as it was
a year or two before.. Still, I had to post one as it was few days since I had not blogged, and so this piece won the race to the Blogger among a few ones.

There goes that alarm again..
What to do and what to say…
Do I get my butt out of bed…
Or do I just say, “Hey!”

I smack it once, it does not die…
I give it my best “evil eye!”
It will not die, it wants to be mean…
I am SO aggravated, I just want to SCREAM!

So, I SCREAM my best…
“I just want to rest!”
Just then I smell the coffee downstairs!
When that happened, away with my cares!

I got up and hurried down the stairs,
Making noises with my shoes, the ruddy pairs.
cos I never like to part with my cup of coffee,
even if you put me in a big jar full of toffees...

Where to start...

Where to start? The sixth grade, your quirky sence of style and your passion for life drew myself to you. Your smile, was so warm and inviting, I could almost feel myself melt into it when you smiled. Your eyes, the blackest of black, showed your every emotion. We were almost nothing alike, we didnt have the same friends, sence of style, or love for music. But I was drawn to you. Some might have called it a schooldays crush, others a joke..but there was feeling there, a feeling that I never felt before. You told your friends that we were good friends, and they turned their noses up at me, being in a different group was hard, but we wanted it so badly. You always played pranks upon me and beat me up after the bell rang, but I liked those times. You always supported me when I was alone, and then were furious upon me for being innocent. During the vacations, the summers of 12th, I was the happiest, when we spent loads of time together. You were my first friend in the school, you held a special plac…

I am searching...

After such high temperatures, finally we had some rains. Ohh, how much I like the rains...!! I just went out...the time was around an hour past midnight or thereabouts, and stood under the rain, my hands wide spread. A soul or two might have noticed me liked that, because something seemed odd to me and the next moment I went in to my house.
Such pleasing times always bring in memories from the past, and streams of nostalgia also flashed past my mind. But memories aren't always pleasing, and thats what implored me to take up the pen and write these lines.

I am the empty boulevard of the evening,
I am searching for the faintest of sounds.

The Stars, tonight, seem a bit down,
I am searching for a few fireflies.

Even Happiness seems to be upset with me,
I am searching for Life...

My Desires have ceased to become big.
I am searching for a hand to hold on.

Theres a big crowd around me.
But everyone seems to go on their own.
I am searching for a true friend.

My Life has become an endless road,
I am se…

I Wish...

Last Night I saw a dream, and, finally it was completed before I was awake. And I did also remember the dream when I was awake, so that I could post this article for you.

I wish I could be a huge star, Being photographed day after day. My name in lights would be a delight, In a huge big mansion I’d stay.
I’d bathe in milk, and drink Champagne, Eat the cream filled chocolate eggs with steak. I’d spend hours swimmin’ with women, Somewhere abroad, in a lake.
And the director would shout out ACTION! In my first film, I would play a mad nut. I’d chop someone up with a big knife, And the director would then shout out CUT!
When not at home, I’d stay in hotels, Only the best that money could buy. I’d have the penthouse on the eightieth floor, Where the roof would be touching the sky.
Everyone would want to shake my hand, Tell me I’m great and a wonderful chap. I’d go on a chat-show to unplug my book, Where I’ll say that it’s great to be back.
And the director would shout out, ACTION! In one of my flicks I would pl…

" Veils"

Am I what you expect me to be? Happy, Smiling, Laughing, or, Sad, Frowning, Crying? Nobody wants to know and Neither do I want to disclose, the Real Me to this Mean World. Trying to fit in everyone else's shoes, Hiding behind a mask, My mind is changing Losing the Reality, becoming Fake... Have I become a person I'm not? Can I show myself to the world, without the fear of people unaccepting me? My mind is haunting me, to show who I am... But why can't I show myself? Can I prove who i really am? When I am not myself? The true person I am Wanting to come out.. And break the Shackles one day.....

Funnier News

So, here I am, after a rather busy day, posting some more funnier news. I hope you enjoy it like you did in the previous one.

1. Eyes drop off shelf

2. Squad helps dog bite victim

3. Dealers will hear car talk at noon

4. Autos killing 110 a day, lets resolve to do better

5. Include your children when baking cookies

6. Juvenile court to try shooting defendant

7. Typhoon rips through cemetery, hundreds dead.

Any thief seeing this? There is one hour break, just for you mate.

I understand that speeding was unfair, but what problem does having an air freshener pose? Its ridiculous man...!

I am sorry Mr Turtle, nine and five makes fourteen. You have overlooked this part while putting emphasis on the article.

I am sure no parent is going to hire a "rabbit and kitten eating, intelligent female" for their kids. Its not my decision, anyways...

What to say, I guess Webster's twin brother is also into the competition.

I do not want to hurt this couple's sentiments, but really, was their not …

Funny News


Ohh, sorry I forgot to tell.. my exams were indefinitely postponed because of a big strike. Now who says Strikes have no pros and only cons?

So da master procrastinator has again sit up and found from among a thousand sites some little gems, just for the readers. This is the first part of the series.
These are some funniest news I found out. Sit back and have a hearty laugh.

1. Deaf mute gets new hearing in killing

2. Stiff opposition expected to casketless funeral

3. Two convicts evade noose, jury hung

4. William Kelly was fed secretary

5. Farmer bill dies in House

6. Blind people are seeing their way to the eye doctor

7. Miners refuse to work after death

8. Man struck by lightning faces battery charges

9. Something went wrong in jet crash, expert says

10. Local High School Dropouts cut in half

11. If strike isn't settled quickly, it may last awhile

12. Patient at Death's Door - Docs pull him through

13. Gunman shot by 999 cops

14. Man found dead in city cemetary

15. Man sent…

the End of the World

7 reasons The World will end in 2012 | Sci Fi Facts of Worlds End in 2012Scientific experts from around the world are genuinely predicting that three years from now, all life on Earth could well finish.Some are saying it'll be humans that set it off. Others believe that a natural phenomenon will be the cause. And the religious folks are saying it'll be God himself who presses the stop button...

1. Mayan Calendar

The first mob to predict 2012 as the end of the world were the Mayans, a bloodthirsty race that were good at two things: Building highly accurate astrological equipment out of stone and
Sacrificing Virgins.

Thousands of years ago they managed to calculate the length of the lunar moon as 329.53020 days, only 34 seconds out. The Mayan calendar predicts that the Earth will end on December 21, 2012. Given that they were pretty close to the mark with the lunar cycle, it's likely they've got the end of the world right as well.