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Two-faced Pune.

When it's all sick! (around you.)

First the rant of all that goes on in Pune. Which would definitely allure you into staying here.

Being a Delhite, there was never a need for the two-wheeler, thanks to the wonderful public transport system and the Metro Rail in Delhi, but here the scene was totally different. Every second person beyond the age of 18 was on two-wheelers. Every second driver resembled a terrorist with their faces covered beyond recognition, with only their eyes exposed (that too covered with sunglasses). But that adds a different color.

Alongwith the spicy fast foods and the numerous restaurants and cafeterias along the roads, an avid foodie would have no spare time here. The onion fritters- bhaaji and the wada pav (deep fried potato-onion-ginger-garlic-coriander cutlet sandwiched between two slices of a bread- in short the poor man's burger) and the chocolate toast have just bowled me over. Standing under the makeshift roof of a wada-pav vendor to shield from the …