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Why There Is No Such Thing As #ModernTradition

I am not going to lean back much on how "Tradition" started. As far as I understand, the beginning of Tradition were Language, and Power. These are two different things, with only one similarity - the inherent desire to express. Then words like "Faith", "Love", "God", and "Culture" were introduced for the simplicity, or, as I put it, for instilling an utter delirium in the minds of the masses so that wicked persons got to rule easily. Yeah, Traditions, Culture, Ideals - all of these were built on bloody layers of history.

Any tradition is a system of learned and shared meanings. People learn and share things over the course of generations, and so we say this clan has such tradition. Now that we are back to the 21st century, ask yourself - Is there such thing as #ModernTradition? Everyone takes what he deems suitable to his lifestyle. And then coins it his tradition. And his generations follow. People have this habit of sucking up to Pow…

In Search Of Me

Sometimes dire thoughts plague the mind. In such a fit of sheer loneliness and poetic dis-harmony I spun this one out. Do bear with bad lines if any.

You are better than me, I thought me saying, And went out to find you, with no need of stopping. As far as life takes, round the earth’s each corner. To every land that bred the brave, sooner or later. As sun and moon and wind and trees and birds and Nature will share my road, with them will I find you. Are you hiding somewhere, and don't want be found? Hide till I get there, cos the world still goes round. Several bonds that you wore have landed you here I'll take them off, un-bond you, since now I care. They say me and you, are apparently all the same But different is your heart, far more lively and game. So come out, from the edges, the depths and crevices Embrace yourself, and look how the shadow vanishes.

Don't Be Friends With People Who Travel

"Travel is fatal to prejudice, bigotry, and narrow-mindedness." ~ Mark TwainThese people are the one with the messy, unkempt hair. Their skin is rough, it's covered with dirt, wounds and wrinkles here and there. No routine is ever conquered by them. But for every flaw in their life, they have an interesting story to tell. Always.
You can never make them happy, of course. Unless you're as mad a nomad as they're. They dream of catching the Sun in their hands. So catering to their wishes is bankruptcy. But they don't play silly. They won't pay heed to your everyday nuances. 
Their soul craves for endless adventures and unchained freedom. They won't be impressed with your new hectic job and your expensive watch. They'd rather climb a rock or jump out of an airplane than hear you brag about it.

Chances are, they don’t hold a steady job. Or a steady life either. They refrain from working their asses off for someone else’s dream. They daydream and believe i…