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The Little Boy...

The little boy was very excited as he stood in front of the pet store. There was a big sign above the glass door that read: “Cute Puppies Just For You”. He was finally going to get a puppy for himself. Both Daddy and Mummy had finally agreed, their only condition being he should take care of it and it shouldn’t go about dirtying the house.Taking a deep breath, the boy walked into the store. The owner was busy reading the newspaper. “How much do money I need to buy a little puppy, Uncle?” he asked.The store owner wasn’t sure if this little boy really wanted to buy a puppy as he was all alone. So, without looking at the boy, he replied, “Well, anything between Rs 1000 to Rs 5000..Are you sure you really want to buy one?”The boy dipped in his pocket and pulled out some change. “I have only Rs 500,” he said. Before the store owner could say anything more, he added: “Can I please take a look at them?”Something about this little boy touched a chord in the store owner’s heart. He smiled at t…

...Just Like You

This is for a friend who says we are the only two of a kind... Mad, Sensitive, and Passionate...I like her with my heart and soul...and will always do so...

God must have known there would be
times when we'd need a word of cheer,
Someone to praise a triumph
or brush away a tear.
He must have known we'd need
to share the joy of "little things"
In order to appreciate
the happiness that life brings.
I think He knew our troubled hearts
would sometimes throb with pain,
At trials and misfortunes,
or the goals we can't attain.
He knew we'd need the comfort
of an understanding heart
To give us strength and courage
to make a fresh, new start.
He knew we'd need companionship,
unselfish....lasting....and true,
And so God answered the heart's great need
with Cherished Friends....just like you!!!

Dark Recollections...

As I lay here on my bed,
I wonder what have I done in my Life,
As I think about it
I Realize I have done Nothing.
I have given so much Love to people,
And what did I get in Return?
Pain, Sadness, and Loneliness...
I try to Stop my Tears from falling
But the Sadness is too strong.
As I see them fall through my face,
I know that no one will care,
Nor will they see my tears.
They will only walk over them,
Like people have done all my Life.
What happened to this once content person?
I feel so Lifeless,
Things that once made me Happy,
Now only give me silent tears.
Where is My Life going right now?
Studies never accompany me,
Fate has always wrath in store for me,
And my Friends.. Best Friends as I said once...
Still..I can't think of being Angry at them.
But what has all this given to me?

I think, its Time to Move On.....

You Will Always Have a Friend in Me...

People go out everyday not knowing what they may lose
Not knowing if someone might bring them bad news
I’ve known many in my life that have been through such phase
So scared from the nightmare that they may never awake
I know you have been through a lot and I am here by your side
Through all the trials life has in store, by your side I shall stand
Although I can’t erase the scars, I hope to help them fade
Don’t forget all the good memories, the smiles you have brought to me
I know it’s hard to say goodbye, to erase the past forever,
I know it’s hard to lose someone to know they are no longer with you.
To wake up every morning having to face a terrible fear
I promise to lift you up whenever you are down
I will place a smile on your face whenever there’s a frown
I will be with you unconditionally, you are my very best friend
All the pieces of your broken heart I will do my best to mend
Lot of lives are lost daily, I know it isn’t fair
Just know you will always have someone that truly cares
One day you w…

I Am There With You...

I watch her from across my eyes
She bows her head, covers her face
But I know what shes trying to hide
The tears that fall like bitter rain.

She's hurting more than I can know
I have my pain, but hers is worse.
Even when her tears have ceased,
Her eyes reflect her real grief.

Sadness, anger, pain, regret,
Directed towards that person
Who was never there, And never is
One who values the relations.

I hope she knows I am here for her
Though there is not much I can do.
I'll stand by her and hold her as
She braves this storm again.
And lives her remnant life as a dream.

The scars she has may never heal,
But I know the pain will fade.
I'll hold her hand and lift her up,
And I promise till the world ends,
I'll never let her fall..


She is unknown
Dwells in my erstwhile thoughts
Never have I seen her face
except in those uncanny thoughts...

She heeds to my feelings
And gulps down the wine of my dreams
She walks along the path of my vision
And is the queen of my Utopian world...

Her eyes are glittering blue
Hairs deep like the sky
Her cheeks like an apples' glow
And lips the edge of the end of the world...

On the moonlit nights I seek to be with her
Rest in her lap and wish to hear
Those sweet words and to swear
That we'll not part even if the world sears...

During the Rains I await her
To come and embrace me once,
Wash the tears that stained my face
wash all the pain that won't go away
heal my heart that's broken apart...

I make a promise, that till I live
I will raise for us, my queen,
A special world for you and me
A special Bond one can't see..

Its fingers spread fine like velvet
Gently nesting us to the fold
Like silken thread it holds us fast
Bonds like this are meant to last...

Though at times a thread may break
But …

A Day of Unfortunate Events…(written some 5 years back)

Once upon a Dream in my Early Teens

I dreamed a dream in bed last night, Of places most bizarre. Of ponds of liquid chocolate, And as it melted on my tongue It dribbled all through my mouth And makes all my senses aware. And ducks swimming in those ponds.
..Of perfect picture puzzle paths, And grasses of chips and jelly. Of chocolate homes and candy worms, Such things I'd never seen.
Of glinting, misty marble stars, And clouds of thick eclairs. Of crayon boats and biscuit goats, ..A weird and strange affair.
I flew past trees of eggs, And over artistic hills. Past eight-leg cats and purple rats, A world so full of thrills.
I dived right into a foamy lake, Through plastic kelps and milky fishes. And swam with rainbow octopus, Past shores of clotted cream.
And down below the custard waves, And I spied a colorful giant bee. But then, with a start I woke to find, I... or my pillows.. eating me!

The School

The school is where knowledge goes wild.
where punks thrive.
that students despise,
Its the same school that I cherish.
where I learn vast amounts of...
punk culture.
where my hope lies.

The school I wish to avoid.
that always makes me wake up at 6: 30 in the morning.
where stupid ideas come alive,
Its the only place where I learn best.
where there's freedom of speech.
where my dreams lie.

The school where vibrant faces don't go unnoticed.
where smiles lift people up.
which forces you to talk, or rather babble.
Its the best place to make friends.
Rich with so many contrasting characters.
where my being is.

The school that receives no credit.
that's sometimes a burden on you.
that is one of a kind,
This is, what makes the school special.
The school, which is my heaven.
where there's privilege and adventure…


Melodies, she sings to me
making notes with fingers
fiddling with speech chords
delivered with utter simplicity

oozing out concern
throughrising castles of spirit
and thoughtfulness

and I am swayed gently
in this friendship's melody
like the baby in a cradle
with tiny bright eyes

seeing only the good of man
and the notes of carethat survives
only inthe souls of a precious few

her laughter needs no volume
her eyes shine brightly
with enthusiasm and spirittwinkling
in reflecting poolsof limitless intelligence

were creativity colors
each mood with a radiance
she imparts colors from within
which others would not part
even from the surface

she is among those ten thousandothers
who promise to be therealways
lighting up my life
but she does with brilliance,
utter innocence, bringing beauty
into all the empty spaces

she as is tender as the night
and the warmth of day
and my world is much better
simply because...
she is there...


As I sit alone
With the warm sun on my back
I realize something’s missing
A part of me which lacks.

Could it be the trees,
Reaching for the sky?
Or could it be the children,
Walking home, who pass me by?

Perhaps, I miss the birds,
Chirping sweetly above my head?
All I feel is restlessness
A part of me is dead.

I know now what it is.
Now I realize what is wrong.
It’s the feeling, they call solitude,
All my friends are gone.

Of course I know,
That as we grow,
We have to make our way,
We all must plot a different course,
To go by everyday.

I always thought my friendships,
Would be round,
Just like the earth
But you see,
I am not ready,
For it all to end so soon.

I miss their happy laughter,
Floating on the wind.
I miss the many secrets,
That circulate within.

The only way to keep,
Our friendships woven tight,
Is to keep in contact always,
And then it will be alright!
At least I Would be...
Thank you's are like chocolates in a meal
However much I give would not be enough.
After all your listening and sharing,
Nothing that I say makes it as real,
Knowing the full measure of your caring.

Yet I must Thank You, for no Words are enough
Or just fitting, that would make you happy,
And show you how blessed I am, to have you...

Straight from the Heart

Last night I lay in bed looking up at the stars in the sky and I thought to myself, where the heck is the ceiling. True, because I have no secured roof over me now. I've had always dreams of living life like a free bird, but I forgot that birds also have a nest. People always sit back and remember their highs and lows of life. No such cushion was with me then, as I had no highs, and no lows too. My life has been a blank diary from the start, with ink spots in a few pages, some dark and some faint.
May be this was my life's one of the two memories, which, as much I tried to woo away, came back again and again to hunt me.

I Stand Alone...

Circles in the sky, white ivory trinkets...
Caresses soft…touching...
The essence of the soul...

Anticipating, hoping, whispers of soft memories.....
Left unspoken....

Leaning Grasses, purple fields, rustling winds…
An embodiment of the spirit………

Sing to the heart, worlds apart, white foam,..
Blue horizons...
Untamed Sunsets...
All hold that song...

Careless words, once, twice, tattered souls,
Chipped walls and...
Faded yellow roses...
They somehow mark the years of silence..

Glass stained tears,....
Encumber within me..
Shattered dreams...
Timeless love lost...

To the misery of locked hearts...
I fall..with stains upon my soul...
Prevailing thoughts left untold...
Golden gates yearning soft goodbyes,
Among the darkness...
I stand... Alone.....


I'm exhausted
My souls’ given up.
But I can't sleep
I think I'm being watched
And I can't see the creep
Studying is a process, hard.
Relations can’t be maintained.
When I never get to receive
Whatever I wished for in Life.
Poetry isn't easy
When you can't make the words flow
I feel much too hot
But I have become way too cold
I have so much I need to say
But I'm afraid to be too bold
I am afraid of the million eyes
Watching every step I put beyond
Help me, somebody, please help me
Help me to do what I must
And to put my soul at ease...

because you were my friend...

If at times you feel you want to cry And life seems such a trial Above the clouds theres a bright blue sky So make your tears a smile. As you travel on lifes way With its many ups and downs Remember its quite true to say One smile is worth a dozen frowns. Among the worlds expensive things A smile is very cheap And when you give a smile away, You get one back to keep. Happiness comes at times to all But sadness comes unbidden And sometimes a few tears must fall Among the laughter hidden. So when friends have sadness on their face And troubles round them piled The world will seem a better place And all because you smiled............

The Queen of My Dreams.....

Your enchanting dreams mesmerize me
In the sound sweet sleep of night,
When whispering winds do breathe low,
And the fearless stars are shining bright.

You may not be fair to outward view
As many young ladies are
You are but so beautiful I never knew,
Until I saw your affectionate care.

Beauty follows your trails, like the night
Of silent screams and starry skies
All mysterious depths of the Pacific seas
Meet in your aspect and in your eyes.

Where that vibrant pair of yours’ stays
Innocent grace lightens over your face,
Where amazed thoughts serenely express;
How pure and dear is there dwelling place.

The eloquent smiles and country fervors
Tell of elder days with peers spend
A peaceful mind and below it harbors
A lovely heart, strong and innocent.

I adore you, at this moment as you are,
Will still do it when your loveliness fades
As you take care of all the places
Of my heart, in the sunshine and the shades...