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Breaking Away

So long I’ve traveled down this winding road,
Carried on my back what seems a heavy load.
I feel like breaking away sometime.

So long but I’ve never crossed the line,
Never paid attention to beyond and behind.
I feel like breaking away sometime.

So long I’ve gone at the safest speed,
Trying to make sure I met every single need.
I feel like breaking away sometime.

So long I’ve met with the same old peoples,
Always trying to put a smile upon my face.
I feel like breaking away sometime.

I feel like breaking away sometime,
From these safe tracks I’d love to stray.
Run a red light, or fail to yield,
Take a short-cut across some field.
Show up quite late in tees and jeans,
or Laugh my head off when somebody screams.
Run to the center and off the road,
and Leaving way behind my heavy load.
Roll the windows up and breathe the air,
Just leaving behind my every care.

Longing to do what I like,
Going somewhere I would love,
I feel like following my heart sometime,
I feel like breaking away somet…


Today was also kinda boring. Just to share, I am posting about a discussion we had in my family at the supper. 
My cousin bro’s getting married in December this year. Well, here’s the thing. It was meant to be an arranged marriage. Lots of prospects were looked into and questioned. Once it was found that a prospect eloped with her boyfriend at mid night on the day she was visited by my uncle. Then my uncle decided that he would marry off his son to the daughter of another uncle, quite close to us from birth. This way, he would know her beforehand and there would be no questions of character. But my bro’s bit modern. He wouldn’t be ready for the marriage so easily. So both parents allow them to meet and roam together, so that they would get to know each other easily.

Now on paper everything looks simple. Add one more fact, this is India, and this is a Brahmin marriage. Simple? When elders ask my uncle, he says, “They only roam at times, that much. Else, how would they get to know each o…

Life's Boring

Today was just another day
As usual nothing ever went my way.
There was nothing to do around the house
Although I tried to take care of a mouse.
Why does my life have to be so boring?
I mean could it get anymore annoying?
God please give me a sign or something
At least anything is better than nothing.
I want to get away from this place
People here only fit under the laces.
Everyone outta there thinks a stable life
I say why don’t you go out and have a wife?
And for those who daily cling to a routine,
You're still your mum’s honey-wrapped eighteen.
This boredom really suffocates me,
I need something that entertains me
But then I don't care what anybody else thinks,
They all act like their own crap doesn't stink.
But in reality they’ve got nothing,
Most of them, they’re always bluffing,
Only because they have nothing to show,
May be they’re hiding something they don't want us to know.
I know I’m wasting time talking of those fags.
Why don’t you stop me with a bunch of ga…