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The Small Town Girl

Ajay was deeply in love with Rani, they worked as colleagues in the same office. Rani was the most beautiful girl in the entire Airway office, the smartest, wittiest, and the most charming woman, every one’s dream come true.

Ajay was a small town guy, who has shifted to Mumbai, he was a pilot in a famous airways, he used to visit his home every alternate month, that month when he went home his father called him up for a discussion, his father was a very reserved person of very few words, he asked him to sit down and then told him that as he has crossed his thirties he should get married, and before Ajay could open his mouth, he said that he has fixed his marriage with his child hood friend Mr. Bakshi’s daughter, Ritu. She also worked in Mumbai.

Ajay was shell shocked but his up bringing stopped him from saying any thing to his father, instead he went out to his best friend Rakesh’s home and asked for his opinion, he said he will think and talk later. Ajay spent an sleepless night and …

November 24

They say leaves are not forever,
One day they fall off the tree.
Such is this irony with me,
People have gone away, and
They also returned back to me.
Friends, who were right behind me,
One day, but now all are gone.
Barring a few, mostly down to you.
You were the one, who stood up
When the rest stayed back
And faltered in their promises.
Together, you and me, showed them
What does friendship stand for.
It’s not the biggest thing that
Ever has happened with us.
But it’s those million little things
That’s made my life worthwhile.
But life is not all good things.
It keeps us at a far off distance.
So when I sit on the old bench alone
In the abandoned park nearby,
I still wish that one sunny day,
You would be there with me,
Sitting closer, hand in hand,
Then problems would cease

Voices in my Dream

She speaks in the wind, several voices

drifting by the night in November breeze.

Fireflies dance to the bagpipe somewhere.
Leaves sway in the hard cold breeze.

The melodies are often intimate,
like lyrical whispers of a confidante.

Suddenly she shouts-a thunderous storm,
vicious, clamoring, distorted and raw.

In the cool night, indifferent and gay
she secretly chuckles, an inside joke.

Tugging crimson ribbons from tangled hair,
she ties them out of reach, in a high wood.

Hours of rugged conversations
are soon silenced by her chattering chill.

She suddenly speaks before spoken to,
although, few will offer any protest.

She celebrates her loved bondage

Taking out all the night in my dream.

Suddenly she vanishes alongwith the dream

Bowing out just before morning’s advent.

Happy Children's Day

Hey friend.. hope you are enjoying your day. Happy Childrens Day.. Wish we would never ever grow up!!! Have lotta fun.. take care..

Wanna have a Better Health?


Before Life Ends

Before Life ends I want to live, resurrect dreams filed away.
Find a cool cottage in the country, dig my hands in the dirt, create gardens filled with blossoms, colors of dreams, shades of life.
Find my place, free my hopes, scribble pages, recall memories, open my soul, fly high and free.
Collect family and friends before my hearth, hold them safe within my heart, shoot for the moon, soar among the stars, if only in dreams or on this page.

Quote for Today


The Sunflower

I looked at the big golden sun flower. She opened her eyes with the golden sun in the dawn. She admired him in hot and humid afternoons. She waved him farewell as he sank down the horizons in the evening. In the night, she cried in pain. She cried in pain and anguish of separation. She cried for the golden morning, the hot and humid afternoons and lonely evenings. Her tears shone as the silver pearls of dew in the morning sun.

I was amused by all of this.

“Oh flower, why are you crying? “ I asked.

“Oh boy, I am crying because I can not bear the pain of separation from my beloved,” She replied.

“Oh dear flower, you cry for something you shall never achieve. You cry for that morning start that shall never be yours.” I continued. “You can not be close to him. You will vanish in the warmth of him. Your soft petals would be vanquished in that scorching heat.”

She keenly gazed at me. Then with a deep sigh it replied.

“My dear boy, I love him and the pain of that love is sweeter than thousan…

My Dream

A fairy has touched the trees
with a magic wand of love
each and every leaf of them
has transformed in flowers.

It seems as if they always
bore flowers in place of leaves
the whole tree is glorified
with dazzling white blooms.

Birds and butterflies flittering
from one tree to another
mother nature has created heaven
to nurture their tiny souls.

The grass below is scattered
with flowers like snowflakes
everything looks like a dream
like spring has come to visit the tree.

Unchained Thoughts

It was that time of the day when the sun wanted to embrace you for the rest of the day. Some of its rays were peeping through a huge boundless tree. He was sitting there. He was reading a book. His face said that he liked the book. The sounds of birds and squirrels on the huge tree and the voices of children accompanied his excursion towards the next page. He was reading a book on travelling.

Travelling fascinated him. He loved to explore new places, new people, new cultures, new perspectives, new sounds, and new visions. His dream was to go on a world tour. His mother thought that it wasn’t possible. In fact she used to always laugh on him saying, “Why do you need to travel? It’ll be of no use.” His mother loved him a lot. She was very protective of him. He loved her too. He used to be awed by his mother whenever she was around. Being their only son, contrary to perceptions, he had big responsibilities. But he always used to paint himself as a free bird.

He liked drawing too. He loved …