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Its The Journey That Matters

"Every journey matters. It adds to the existential experience Life offers."
Although my roots lie in Bhubaneswar, I have always been amazed of beauty in the stark barrenness of the desert lands. Thanks to a boring job in Pune, I was hunting for a chance to travel. And so, when I was invited to join some friends in Jaisalmer, my excitement knew no bounds, as I hadn’t visited the city yet.

After a short flight to Jodhpur, we began the road trip to Golden City. One of the friends had an SUV, which meant we had no hassle of booking a cab. We went to his village, near a railway station called Bhagat Ki Kothi. After refreshments and light snacks, we started for the highway.

Suddenly, my tablet dropped a notification. Yes, bosses never leave your trail completely. It was a work email, with directives for a presentation I needed to make. No problemmos! I said to myself as I opened Powerpoint on the tablet, transformed it into a laptop by attaching the keyboard segment, and finished th…

Keep Your Tracks Off Me

“And as it is for the spring flowers, it is for us...”
In one of the most striking marketing campaigns and the results, Narendra Modi has won – He is the new PM of India. In another not so famous news, a 2 year baby was hurled down by a priest from over a temple building so that 15 odd villagers could catch him, in a barbaric ritual which is said to make the baby lucky and strong enough to overcome life’s challenges.

What I am saying here, is that Life goes on. No matter how much you fret about people and circumstances, you’re never going to live independently unless the system allows you to do so. And it won’t. Deal with it. There’ll be pseudo-secular aspiring political heroes and at the same time there will be religious fanatics with blatantly absurd views. Also, there will be a majority of men who think that the only thing women could do is to cook and keep their beds hot. And there’ll be bureaucrats who defy all that’s humane just to rake in the moolah.

You see, as spring pleases all…