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The Basket of If's

If Life had more than its fairer share, I could for you even more care, If Chance had seen an even greater sway, We could live in our own way, If Love had seen a light's ray, I could love you for ever and one more day, If God had so much a few times to spare, He could look and be awed by a friendship so rare.

The Toughest Task For Narendra Modi

While a commoner like me sees #NarendraModi as the man with a magic wand for every problem, the challenge is now upon him to deliver on expectations. But foremost, he should clearly commit to curb the pseudo-religious extremism which his party and its more extreme wings, are accused of. He is quite forthcoming with comments in general, but on the occasion of such attacks which incite communal violence easily, his silence has been deafening.

Now-a-days, going by the timely controversies our self-proclaimed preachers are setting up, its a pity how these learned people mire their followers in murky waters of baseless propaganda. If I had an ounce of belief in the zillion avatars of God, it would've been certainly no blasphemy in my reckoning to equate Jesus with every Durga, Ganesha, Jagannath, or Krishna. Multi layered styles of worship in Hinduism make it the most democratic and broad religion ever. The ranks of religion would be seriously depleted if seers followed such excomminic…