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Let Love Color Up Your Life.

So here's a post after a long time. My literary capabilities have receded greatly, thanks to some pressure writing in marketing and company blogs. Anyways, here's a short, silly and sweet ballad for you all. Read it with love!

Don't you see the sun that keeps shining? The cool moon, every day, reciprocating? Don't you see the sea pushing to the shores? Or lovely printed red on Valentine stores? Don't you see the stars shining on the sky? Or pleasant rains showering from up high? Don't you know they do it for a reason? That to live, laugh and love, its the season! Don't wake up and go about doing the same, Don't cheat you, in living upto the name! Go out, let your heart do the beating! Pick any moment and just start singing! Don't refuse at love and slowly walk away. Love's limited - you won't get another way!