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Break-up? Live your Life Now!

Have you ever been through a break-up? How did you come out of the gloomy days? You are sure to pass through a hell of a Life - with its Goods and Bads and Worsts if you follow me! So here's my list of to-dos or trying-to-dos when you are in a post-breakup phase.

Disclaimer: Remember, this is one for the BOYS only. Girls - read it and imagine your version. Don't take to heart anyone.

Okay, so the dreamy love-glossed matinee show is over, your "only world" has dumped you badly in front of everyone. Or on the high street. Or through a sms. Anything. This is a list of things you should do post break-up.

1. Alcohol - The Next Best Friend. Refrain from alcohol at this time? Nah! Get drunk and blabber in a bar - 
"Kaash main sharaab se muhabbat kiya hota dost-  Saala kal bhi nasheela tha.. aur aaj bhi nasheela hai.." After the bar go to your girlfriend's front gate and shout abuses at the top of his voice. Crush some beer-bottles near her door. Make noises. Even …

Faith Undeniable

Trees. Poems upon the sky, That Earth so keen-fully writes. Trees. Silent alibis to our Childhood, That was so nonchalantly spent. Trees. Even after they are fell down, Lend their heart to us, To record our emptiness on.