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Treasure Chest - III

Well, this should serve for two things, one, that I have also boys as best friends and I am not a cheap stalker kinda person; and two, a relation like this often goes unmentioned but it should be. So lets start.
Class 8th, or 7th, I guess it was. I met a chunky, tan complexioned short guy in one of my Maths tutions. Pretty quickly, we were good friends, and much of that friendship evolved because of our insatiable desires to solve Math problems quickly. Soon, we were together - going to school, coming from school, going to tutions, taking dinners together some days, and you-know-how-a-friendship-develops sort of things. Then College came in. We went to Chemistry tutions together. Those days we started becoming real good friends; and more things happened - travelling long places together, having guys-nightouts, bunking tutions and classes, roaming here and there, studying together, watching a movie together, seeing girls together(here seeing for me means trying to see!), playing pc gam…

Treasure Chest - II

This is another one of those phases which I would definitely like not to forget. during a comparatively smaller period than the previous one, in which I was almost alone, categorically saying, I had buzzed into one of those sweet little gems on the internet.. orkut, to be specific. Those days, virtual friendships were at an all time low in India, facing much hyped criticisms. But somehow our relationship clicked, and you know what? The following three pieces definitely describe the in-fact-best-ever-virtual-friendship ever experienced by me.

We've always been together,
we did everything with laughter,
we thought it was forever.
when I was in danger
you knew how to ease my fear,
you were always there to be my savior.
at first we were strangers,
until we came closer,
and now we are together.
but time flows like a river.
it became complicated and faster,
until we realized that we're older.
and that is what is keeping us apart,
I was here,
and you were there.
but I know we still ca…

Treasure Chest

A Chilling Day-After 9 Long Yrs : Well, I guess this shud have been written long b4, but der aaye durust aaye.. This has been taken off from d ORKUT Acc.(and remixd a little)
I wud like 2 bring 2 ur notice dat dis article is being written only under sheer compulsion from my heart..
b4 starting i tak a pledge.. jo kahunga sach kahunga sach ke siva kuch nahi kahunga.. & sabse bada sach ki m a big flaterrer.. so a caution 4 d readers.. dont go by my words.. it just may b false..;-) now on a serious note(coz if i dont come 2 dis she kills me("dekho Pratik tumhe maar daalungi!"))...
dis girl has absolutely nothing which is worth praising except 4 her beautiful eyes which hav d portayal of a beautiful heart..
aa..and shes' one of d most beautiful person dat I hav ever cum across...and dis is no hyperbole.. shes' alwaz there for her closest friends... & we'll be there together whatever shit happens - I know dat - I bet she knows dat too..
And.. uufff... well ther…

Lets go out for a while..

Friends, readers, hello to you all. I am posting one of my straight poems that I wrote when I was in the class. Hope you like it.

Lets go out for a while, just for a change,
Go out in the sun, and start feeling afresh,
Lets go out, and all in play, lets do engage.
Why just rot in this class for all the day,
cos I never find a way out of Account's maze,
And though of maths, I have a distinct craze;
Am bored of Quantitative Techniques, of that bald shithead.
There is the lady in Human Resource, who only waffles,
And on the lady of Organizational Behavior, I have a rage.
Business Statistics, given with no hints and all conditions,
Is for me like a young birdie in a cage.
IT is okay, but just like a little child's play,
where you sit with your laptops and only do gaze.
Research in Managerial Decision, this is quite boring,
This just doesn't come smoothly, pretty much sails over my head.
Economics, a little familiar, still doesn't make up to my head,
Its better more to sit out and have corn…

I'll return to you.

No matter how many times I say goodbye,
You can't sleep at nights and you wonder why,
Do know that I will come back to you,
And you'll take me back happily.

No matter how many tears you cry,
Or wished without me you could die,
Do still believe that I'll call,
And make it okay, after all.

No matter how many times your heart breaks,
Or however many weeks for me it takes,
You please learn not to say "never",
Cos I can't leave you a single moment ever.

No matter what you feel inside,
Or how much pain you have to hide,
Please know that I'll be true,
And someday again I'll be with you.

No matter whatever things you do,
Even when your heart splits in two,
Please know that to join I'll be there,
Because its only you that really does care.

No matter how often do we fight,
Or how long is the cold and dark night,
I know we'll be together before long,
Because our feelings are so strong.

So please don't ever you fear,
And try not to shed any tear,

"description of mine better half"

What do I like to behold in my better half?
A face that should please me quite well
Should or not be fair but lovely to behold,
With such gleeful cheer for grief to expel;
With looks sober but stares a child's play;
Should speak such without words as none can tell;
Her hairs also, should speak of vibrant black;
Her flair, should all townmen praise; and wit,
But reminds to me of a maiden in the country skit;
Thoughts should be every bit in golden books laid;
Yet she should be, for whom no wealthy has paid;
Knows me more, perhaps than from the bosom I grew;
And treats me as does the vintner to uncooked brew;
So beautiful, that each dusk a moon rises so keen;
But she should not be such as I do wait to glean;
And if it might chance to her, I might be tied,
And knit a knot that possibly should never slide.