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Honor Killing Strikes Again: The Victory of Caste-Politics

I am deliberately omitting a Disclaimer for this post. It surely does talk about a social evil in our country, but I want people to get concerned or better, aroused on reading this. 

After a few months of the show in SATYAMEV JAYATE which talked about honor killings; the husband has been shot dead in his village while he was visiting his sick mother. Even huge media efforts and social awareness didn't save the man from honor killing.
News for the above: LINK- TOI

Few More Examples of Inhumanity:
In the town of Jhajjar in Haryana, a father allegedly strangled his 21 year old daughter to death just for the trivial reason that she was in love with a guy.In Uttar Pradesh, a youth who was opposed to his sister’s love beheaded her and threw her head in her lover’s house. This shows how inhumane and devilish one can become when their minds are possessed with spirits like religion and caste.In yet another brutal act of tyranny, a man in Rajasthan had beheaded her daughter with a sword. He wa…

Good Morning.

The pale of the night before is gone,
Behold, on earth there is a new dawn,
Heavenly dew tipped grass welcomes,
From the breast of the sea a sun comes,
Rise, happy souls, greet him in the sky,
Rise up high above and let your spirits fly.

Good Morning.

A Real Love Story: My entry for the Get Published contest "All That Glitters.."

Is it all over? As I look up at the sky from the terrace of my apartment, I see white clouds dotting the entire sky. It was the same when I saw, as I entered the last class before exams in the sixth semester of engineering. It was the same when both of us drove out of town and lay down on the stones near a mine. The evil sky wore the same look as I set my foot on Delhi’s soil. It was the same when we had our first getaway out of Delhi. It was the same when I came to Pune, for her. And it’s the same sky now. Laughing at me, mocking at me, annoying me with those white clouds. Why isn't the sky plain and simple? Why isn't Life smooth and endless? Then I looked down at the street. Dotted sparsely with random people. Who would never care of me, I thought. No one ever would. Who am I, after all? I gave it a final look. A Life, that would be taken, at last.

A boy, who has a mind as constant as the Humming bird, and a heart as peaceful as Mount Etna. A girl who has been raised on the s…

Another God In The Making?

Disclaimer: This article is intended for general reading only. It’s not based on any personal feud. People who find this irrational and disrespecting, are not advised to read along. I am not responsible for direct, indirect, incidental or consequential damages resulting from anyinspirational or eye-opening remark.

Remember the following story?
There was a prince of Ayodhya, who won the hand of a beautiful princess, but due to plotting of his step-mother, the prince was exiled, and his wife kidnapped by a ten-headed demon. A vulture tries to fight and protect, the elusive search & rescue by the exiled prince begins, aided by monkeys. A flying monkey burns the whole golden city of Lanka, an army of monkeys gathered, a bridge of floating stones to Sri Lanka and a fight full of stories, one as impossible as bringing a hill from the Himalayas down to Lanka for the sake of finding a medicinal herb in the middle of a battle at a time when no ships or jets existed! Well, I forgot they had…

Jab Tak Hai Jaan - a fitting Tribute to Yash Chopra

From a long time I have been wanting to write little reviews of movies I watch. I guess this should be the first one in the line, for the movie, "Jab Tak Hai Jaan".
Before going further, lets hear that 'trusting' voice (from a familiar movie) whose empathy has led to a million & more fans scurrying over his releases. It's my all time favorite!

Again, let me pen a few things about the enigmatic Yash Chopra ji. Chopra’s grand theme was love and it was seldom a simple affair. In his films, it was usually THE greatest treasure that could be attained only after navigating through a maze of complications and enigmatic snuffles. Complex love triangles (Daag and Chandni), convoluted love quadrangle (Silsila), love defying category (Kabhi Kabhie), age-gap amour (Lamhe), young romance & friendship (Dil To Paagal Hai), love as sacrifice (Veer Zara), he has tried to capture love in every hue.

When I first watched the classic, seminal, genre-defining Deewaar, I expected …


Another take at 55 fiction. Hope it interests my readers.

She responded to his hungry gaze by spreading her legs.

Quite a ravishing body, he thought. Soft, sensuous and appealing.

Superlative figure, she thought. An exquisite pleasure.

Aroused, he felt moist and hard. But he remembered.

Sex, she thought. Hot and wet.

No more waiting.

"Goodbye," he took out his pistol, and grinned.

Smoked to Death!

This 55 fiction is written for the cause of raising awareness. That tobacco is dangerous. It maims. It disfigures. It KILLS.

His eyes closed gradually as he let his dreams, aspirations, and life out with the last puff.
"None could give me such pleasure", he always said.
"I feel free."
Smoke to ashes, he transformed. Lonelier than ever, he drifted in the twilight hues. The sun drowned, spreading a never-ending gloom.

He got freedom, at last.


Here's a small poem I wrote long back. Hope it puts a smile, or a grin a least, on your faces!

Smile at me,
Smile, so that I find you out in a crowd,
Smile, so that the crowd may not seem loud,
Smile, when my world seems all black & grey,
Smile, so that all my sorrows chase away,
Smile, when the weather doesn't seem blue,
Smile, so that luck sticks to me as glue,
Smile, so that all the wind-bells chime,
Smile, even when I find no words to rhyme!

Meeting with a Spirit

One fine evening, as I was strolling down an empty street, I saw a spirit sitting on a bench, sad.

"What maketh you sad, Spirit?"
"I know not, Monsieur, 'tis just that there's no place apt in heaven for this wandering creature."

I giggled a bit.
"So that's why commoners call you Undead! Look upon me, Undead. Bow down and look upon me, in deep reverence. I am called a Human, and I'm full of Life, and so many other things. What are you, Undead?"

The Spirit spoke nothing that could be heard. And as I started to leave, his voice approached from behind.

"Nothing. Nothing as compared to you, Great Human.
Of yore, Time hath deserted me, but the soul still wanders, whilst undead;
You, Sire, Human, whom the Hour still favors, are, but with a soul, dead"
Note - The last lines mean, "I am nothing as compared to you, human-being. Even after dying long ago I couldn't be dead, but you are still able to live with a dead soul.."
O Human, at …

The Moment

What is it about some fantasies that have kept us in awe for so long? Why are we so inquisitive about movies like the Twilight series, the Ghost rider series, or even the retro Americanized versions?

What is it?
The answer is simple.

Power to make things happen, power to burn, power to kill.

That's what makes them different. From the humans. And how much we wish that at least one ounce of that power lie inside us somewhere. How happy and how much better off we would've been with that one ounce of power, we think.

Well, for me, the devil-may-care attitude that I had, boy, a mere thought of that aroused a big hope in me of power. I wished fantasies could be so true. Well, till that day, or the night in the train. To Pune.

Train coupes have always bored me to death. For a lad who's not game to gossip and socialization, who likes to lead a lone life- of travel and discoveries; what can he do! I came out- to the passage between two bogies, opened one of the doors- and st…