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Scary Movie X : do{nighthmares}while(I_am_alive);

Thud! I woke up because of the noise from the back yard.

I yawned, stretched my arms, and shuffled towards the back window. As I paced by my kitchen, I took a glance at the clock. 1:00 in the dead of the night. I need to stop being afraid. As I continued towards the window, I saw a shooting star out in the sky. But it was getting larger! It got so large that, Oh, it was a meteor! A meteor!

I followed the meteor’s trajectory as it came plummeting from the atmosphere. It landed so incredibly close I just couldn’t pass up the opportunity to see it! A thick, black smoke bloomed from the crater, almost suffocating me with a terrible stench. I gradually inched closer.

Small tongues of flame licked the pale air, stinking as they reached my nostrils. The smell worsened as I approached. I tried to hold my breath, but when I finally reached my destination, I gasped in horror. It wasn’t a rock that fell from the sky, but eh.. a body. A strange body, only two arms near its neck and another pair, muc…

Swiss Woman Gang-raped, Delhi Girl Gang-raped, in India only Sheila & Munni live Happily

Close on the heels of the harrowing gang-rape case in Delhi, two other such events have cropped up in the news. A Swiss woman, on a cycling trip in Central India, was gang-raped by 6 men. Although her condition is not fatal and she's recovering now, this raised a lot eyebrows across the world, and nations are now thinking on issuing warnings to travelers on increasing sexual assaults against women in India. Just recently in Agra, a UK tourist jumped from her hotel to escape a sexual assault. The tragic tales of ‘Indian Rape’ also happens in areas occupied by the Indian forces, especially Kashmir where thousands of women have been raped and murdered. But with a mindset of hoping against hope, I thought that after the 16 Dec news spread like a wildfire, the lid was blown off the systematic sexism in Indian culture, and rape began receiving the serious attention it deserves. But that was to fizzle out, and seemingly nothing changed here.

Police said,"these people were in the wron…

Saraswatichandra - Sanjay Leela Bhansali's foray into Indian Television

So, its another fine weekend and I am stuck - at picking up a subject for my post. While half the blogosphere is picking hot topics like Sanjay Dutt & Indian Legal System, I finally close in on a flicker. Saraswatichandra - a review. The big budget, heavily touted Sanjay Leela Bhansali's revered step onto Indian Soap Opera. To witness the miracle of how this larger-than-life filmmaker fits into our unflattering idiot boxes, most women must have completed their chores beforehand. I too, with a little curiosity, & out of my liking for SLJ's films, took time out. But the opening was a cliched debut filled with cocktailed moments drawn from Devdas and Hum Dil De Chuke Sanam? And that too without Salman Khan, Aishwarya Rai Bachchan, Shahrukh Khan or Ajay Devgn!

The sets rolled out like an expensive brocade woven in a plush Kashmiri carpet on which the characters – who shone like they were polished for the longest while – strolled wearing the finest of dresses. The culture an…

Life. Love. You.

I look up at the stars in the sky, and think,
My life is not that big after all.
I look up at the sun in the sky, and think,
My life is not at all bright, after all.
I look afar at the green hillocks, and think,
My life isn't all beautiful, after all.
I look into the raining clouds, and think,
My life doesn't rain happiness, after all.
But then I think of you, and those countless memories,
and I know that my life is the biggest it could be.
I look at your eyes, and shimmering love in it,
and I know that my life is the brightest it could be.
I look at you smiling, blowing trifling matters away,
and I know my life is the most beautiful it could be.
I look at you, throwing those attractive glances at me,
and I know that with you, I am the happiest I could be.

Weekend Trip to Neelkantheswar near Pune

Travel posts are all essentially the same, describing about a place or a journey. This is my first hand account of my one-day trip to Neelkantheswar, about 40 kms from Pune.

"Pratik, I don't like it when the roads and surroundings are empty. I feel afraid.."
"Oho.. Don't worry. I am sure of the road. There's no hiccup."

We drove ahead on the road, dead straight. After a few minutes, settlements ceased to exist. There were dry fields, green fields, trees and the road. There were small hill-tops here and there. Going towards Singhad Fort, a river came our way. I had read somewhere that there was a road but it was not to be found.

"What? I had told you to check all the details before starting. How can you be so selfish?"
By selfish my co-traveler meant adventurish. She was not game to adventures, not at all. "Oho I didn't know baba, let's see.."

We saw a couple of people who crossed the river on a small boat. I guessed that's it n…

How to Win in an Arguement with a Girl - 100% Working!

Its long I have written something, because I have been real busy - in fooling around. However, to make up for the absence, here is a post - which you can say - is namkeen. Most of my readers would have had at least one experience of arguing with a girl. Guys who have won the arguement - kudos to them. For the unfortunate others, here is my tried & tested formulae of how to win in an arguement with girls.

Disclaimer: Please don't blame me if you win the arguement but loose your girl. I never said that you could win both with these formulae. And all my dear girl friends, please don't take this seriously. It's obviously intended for fun.

Step 1. Abandon all logic. Girls don't use it, and you certainly shouldn't allow it to handicap you.

Step 2. If you believe strongly in something, do NOT give in to any aspect. Compromise is useless against girls, because they will rationalize that if they can get you to concede to one element, they can get you to quit the whole Peri…