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Me, Unplugged.

I am here to make the best of friends!

There are a lot of good-intentioned as well as misled conceptions about me in my whole circle. I am different, the way I think, act and respond. There's a lot of persons I want to answer to and this is just the platform for me! So here you go! 'Me' unplugged.

I am rather calm in my behavior. I am a dreamer as well. My imagination often results in over-the-top expectations! Don't expect too much discipline and daredevilry from me as I prefer quality talks and evening walks to dancing and partying. I can bet that my wisdom and generosity is what you'll look up to in every situation. I am earthy, a very loyal friend, with a good rational thinking and great understanding.

Sometimes you may feel, to you, I am too reserved in nature. This is because I often build a wall around me. So, breaking that wall would be tad difficult for you. There are times when I prefer solitude. In that case, it'd be better if I am left alone. I have a …