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Early morning sun is still to show up,
Birds chirping, flying around busily
mighty river tamed by human, flowing
dispersed in crystal clear creeks.

Serenely flowing parted by sand
the sand below could be seen through it
softly singing in a soothing voice
cooling the morning wind with her cool.

Standing on the bridge in early dawn
waiting for the sun to rise in sky
without a single worry for future moments
a calm mind and soul at absolute bliss.

Softly the eastern sky turns red
the orange baby sun shows up
turning the crystal water to pink
softly removing the veil of morning mist.

If My Thoughts Could Think

This writing has taken a lot of time and editing.. still I am not satisfied completely. But I thought I should post it and welcome any changes, that would be better. And, not all part of this is mine, I admit, a good friend has provided me with a few ideas. Thanks to him.


Penning yet another of my sagas,
But I don’t yet have a story to ink.
So, I put this burden on thought’s wings,
As I dip into imagination and sink.

A girl and a boy were friends,
In harmony, their childhood did roll.
But complications arose and they broke up,
As puberty did take its toll.

They had their own discrete dreams,
And to get it they awaited a chance.
So, they got into different high schools,
Separated by distance and branch.

Part I – Her School

Heavy words of Shakespeare and Keats,
Had an effect on her tender mind.
With a heavy sigh, welcoming maturity,
Her thoughts she did unbind.

Her thoughts, “Plays so boring and long,
Why can’t these be light like movie songs?
I wonder why I choose this stream.
What would he say on …

blue butterfly

blue butterfly
the memories of you
 brought to my mind
 again and again

blue butterfly
enjoy each day
the sun
 the freedom
the friends
now and forever,

Stairway to Heaven

In the foggy dark night
Beneath the moon - shining bright -
There's a lady who's says she can take me alright
To the highest purple peak
Of the youthful mountain of life.
She is climbing the stairway to Heaven.

And Though birds flutter by
Saying, "Ha! Can't you fly?"
She turns from their mockery with a mere sigh
And she keeps pushing me on and on.
As she keeps moving on and on.
Though it's terribly high.
We keep climbing.. the stairway to Heaven.

Ode to Peace.

Todays photo is a place near the capital city, called Dhauli. This is the Monument of Peace, near the banks of river Daya, where King Ashoka laid down the weapons forever, and accepted Buddhism.

the Shanti Stupa, Dhauli, Orissa


I don't think you will ever fully understand how you've touched my life and made me who I am.
I don't think you could ever know just how truly special you are that even on the darkest nights you are my brightest star.
I don't think you will ever fully comprehend how you've made my dreams come true or how you've opened my heart to love and the wonders it can do.
I don't think you could ever feel all the love I have to give and I'm sure you'll never realize you've been my will to live.
You are an amazing group and without you I don't know where I'd be. Having you in my life completes and fulfills every part of me.

The Lecture

"The power coupled into a step index fiber...";
The teacher went on with his lecture, unperturbed.
Students, were gossiping, laughing, playing pranks;
Those various sounds seemed to dance in my ears.
I sat still, trying to be focused, attentive, but in vain;
The rubble marched through my ears, into my brain.
It was disturbing, deafening; the very class sucked.
Suddenly, the myriad sounds seemed to fade away;
Figures were moving, talking, and dancing - on Mute.
Thoughts of helplessness and frustration beamed past.
It was consuming my persevered mind, like never before.
"Is this all I ought to do?". Few of such questions aroused.
Didn't know what happened then, cos my legs stood up.
Few dudes raised their eyebrows, the teacher looked on;
My eyes did not panic, nor my decided mind did leap.
My legs took me out -  out of the worthless class.
For once, I was out of the class, then of the college.
Neither the streets interested me, nor the heavy traffic.
The air pissed me off, and the…

Few years Before..

Todays photo is that of paddy crops on the roadside in Keonjhar district, Orissa. Long stretch of land lies here untouched by technology, caressed by nature.

What? Just thought about your village?

See. Hear. Feel.

Today's photo is that of the Devkund Falls, near the Similipal Tiger Sactuary. With its breakstaking beauty, one can never forget the memory of a visit.

the Devkund Falls, Similipal Sactuary outskirts
the stream that leads to the falls


It was a track fire. Someone had thrown a cigarette onto the tracks from above the streets. The vents were open that day. It was Monday morning, and as usual, it was crowded on the subway. A man and his daughter were waiting for the train to arrive. It was quiet for a moment, but then smoke came out of no where. People started to panic. There were screams everywhere. The man held on to his daughter's hand tightly, afraid she might disappear among the smoke and crowd. People were rushing in every direction. The smoke grew thicker. The man grabbed his daughter and held her in his arms. She was not breathing very well. Her asthma was causing her breathing to be erratic.

He slowly moved around in the crowd. The exit sign glowed in the smoke but there were too many people rushing towards it. The man went the other direction, to the other side of the platform. Many people were there too, but the man managed to move among them. His daughter, now heavily guarded by his arms, had her eyes h…

Worlds Longest Dam

Todays' picture is of Hirakud Dam, the Longest Dam of the world.
The main dam having an overall length of 4.8 K.m. spans between hills Lamdungri on left hand Chandili Dunguri on the right. The Dam is flanked by 21 K.Ms. long earthen dykes both on left and right sites to close the low suddles beyond the abutment hills.It has the distinction of being the longest dam in the world, being 25.8 K.Ms. long with dam and dykes taken together.It has also the rare distinct of forming the biggest artificial lake in Asia with reservoir spread of 743 sq Kms at full reservoir level.

the Hirakud Dam

the giant reservoir of the dam

structure of excellence

Todays photo is the Maharaja Purna Chandra College in Baripada, Orissa. established in 1948, it was earlier home to the King of Mayurbhanj, Maharaja Purna Chandra Bhanjdeo. He handed over his property for the betterment of the students.

MPC College, Baripada, Orissa

become one with nature

Hiiee. time for my photo of the day.

the Brahmani river near its source...

Ignite your senses

Good Morning Dear Readers. From today I would start a new practice-I would post a photo from my collections each day. I hope the readers like this thought.

the Koilighar Stream, Keonjhar

Friends, Bikes and a Day in Puri

Saturday, Sept. 5th- Today there was no mood for classes. Somewhere from the inside, my heart was inching to spend the day in a more interesting way. I almost leaped, when I heard about some friends talking about going to Puri on bikes. I instantly agreed. Bunked the college. Quickly got prepared with a towel, a bottle of water, extra clothes, and some three hundred bucks. The journey to Puri was.. kind of boring, cos we were late, and there were only two of us. so my bike whizzed past the 80 km/hr mark more than a couple of times. Even there was a bird, flying low.. that got severely injured when it smashed with the bike. All said and done, we reached Puri at 11 o'clock. There was always the local charm of Puri awaiting to welcome us.

Puri. there are traffic squares, but people have their own rules.

We straight away headed to the beach. The golden sands beach. It is nowhere near what it used to be a few years back, but the beach fever still clings on to our hearts.

bathing in the ba…