The Lecture

"The power coupled into a step index fiber...";
The teacher went on with his lecture, unperturbed.
Students, were gossiping, laughing, playing pranks;
Those various sounds seemed to dance in my ears.
I sat still, trying to be focused, attentive, but in vain;
The rubble marched through my ears, into my brain.
It was disturbing, deafening; the very class sucked.
Suddenly, the myriad sounds seemed to fade away;
Figures were moving, talking, and dancing - on Mute.
Thoughts of helplessness and frustration beamed past.
It was consuming my persevered mind, like never before.
"Is this all I ought to do?". Few of such questions aroused.
Didn't know what happened then, cos my legs stood up.
Few dudes raised their eyebrows, the teacher looked on;
My eyes did not panic, nor my decided mind did leap.
My legs took me out -  out of the worthless class.
For once, I was out of the class, then of the college.
Neither the streets interested me, nor the heavy traffic.
The air pissed me off, and the traffic made me a moron
I was out into the open, and then went onto a small hill.
Still didn't realize, when my legs took me to the edge.
My arms spread, and my eyes looked into the city.
It was busy. And indifferent. Still, my eyes looked on.
Then they closed, and my heart tried to feel the vicinity.
Took the fresh airs inside, and had a real real sigh.
"Damn, forget all dreams - let go of everything you wished.
You gotta go and dive into the mud - in order to be alive."
I somehow returned, pushed my legs.. pulled my body.
"Pratik? PRATIK??? Slept in MY class again? PRRAA.."
I woke up with a big jerk, to everyone's giggles...
"Shit!! I have done it yet again!! God..uthale re mujhe!!"
And thus the class went on. The teacher went on teaching.
Those sounds returned. And Life, if this is one, it continued.


  1. Hiiii Pratik,
    I guess you enjoyed your student life alot yaar, being a first-bencher I could never feel the magic of sleeping in the class. You made me remember my school days, wooww soo kool.


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