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Problem With People, Today

Finally, after ages I write another post. I guess it's becoming a practice for me - write one post every few months. Yes, Time and Responsibilities are a constraint but there's another - which clogs our mind more than the .

Do you remember those impromptu laughs of childhood? Rare laughs that echoed through the old walls of the house we lived in. Laughs that showed we were ready to rule our small worlds any time.

But then, we were too busy - for wiping the smirk off our faces while playing in the mud, for being stubborn enough to secure the big piece of chocolate, for donning the crown - of the King of our "territories". Only when we indulged in conversations with civilized storytellers who brought to light stories of kingdoms and palaces, of alluring lands far away, of the stars and of the planes flying high and many more; some men did invoke our laughter. The weekly dose of Disney cartoons also played its part in making us happy, once or twice a week. Our comics didn…