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thoughts gone awry..

I thought my inner being wasn't fractured
but came to find that it wasn't true
for in my head lurks a dark side of me
that just seems to want to relieve you

the angel in me begs of me to stop
that the demon screams out a harsh no
such conflict causes a great distress
as I feel inside my mounting anger grow

our interaction is a clash of strong wills
so I find myself swaying away very far
you are an enemy to my state of mind
but my heart doesn't take this any more

so sail us into the sunset whilst you can
there's nothing to win out there if you stay
hoist up your anchor while we're still afloat
or let the current carry us any damn way..

a Me and a Her - a Story Untold.

Well, this post is dedicated to a friend of mine.. Writing about her never occurred to the mind, but somehow today it had to happen. It goes on like this..

Fact 1. We didn't talk(or talk once in a thousand times) when we were together in the school.
Fact 2. We only knew each other formally.(though shes' a girl and as usually, girls remember a lot of things)
Fact 3. When we found each other again after years, we talked as if we were quite familiar to each other.
Fact 4. All facebook apps I use still put her in coveted positions.
Fact 5. I(and for that matter she too) still don't understand how did I connect so easily so closely with her after such a long gap.
Fact 6. Its too much boring this way. I should get random.

Well, as a friend, I really love her, just for a simple fact. I don't know if I would think of her as the first choice if asked about who my best friend is; but I damn well know she's just somewhere near, everytime I think of being alone. She might say …

" minit me pata leta!"

Well, what to say of this friend, he is a real entertainer of sorts. Just that he is a bit less matured, is what I think, but a lot more and lot else, is what others think, but here is ramblings about a nice friend of mine.

Pale yellow tees. And dark brown flashing jeans. Really. This is my friend.

He is from state of sweets, he IS sweet, and, oh, by the way, he is much sweeter to the weaker sex. "Tum iss baat ki chinta mat karo, main hun na, main sab kuch sambhal lunga. Tum bas concentrate karo." Well, still I understand him. Or at least try to.

He talks. A lot. Only that he does so about himself mostly. About his aspirations. About his dreams. About his past achieeeeeeevements. About how fine his chest and biceps were once upon a time. About how good is(or was, I don't know, really) his kick boxing. About how his state boasts of finer tea. About how people here are less interested in tastes and aesthetics than the land of Hoogly. About how good are his manners when com…

They always said life will pass you by.

They always said life will pass you by.  They didn't tell me where to let me on
I missed the bus, the train, and the plane
Can I borrow a ride from you?
Live vicariously through your life
Can I have the window seat?
Be the pilot of the plane, conductor of the train?
Can I drive the bus full speed ahead?
No stop to let you off

They always said life will pass you by
didn't tell you, you are there just for the ride
They never said where the trips' gonna end
Watching from the window no brakes to slow down
No wings to carry on, no track to lead the way

I didn't hear, I didn't follow
I prefer to trespass and go with the flow
I prefer to fly high up in the sky
even that stiffs my wings and makes them dry
Can I offer you a ride?
I have a map of the roads in my instincts,
I am the conductor of my train,
and the celebrated pilot of my plane
My wings will carry me thus far,
covering the wild and the happening
and the young hopes and smacking dreams
Will fly up high…