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Hail Aunties!

Disclaimer: This article is intended for entertainment purposes only. Biggies who find this irrational and disrespecting, are not advised to read along. And once again, I don't have anything sort of a rift with parents, mine or yours. I am not responsible for direct, indirect, incidental or consequential damages resulting from any inspirational or eye-opening remark.
So, my destruction of Indian Society, its people and its values continues yet again. When I sat up to write, I thought of the subject. There were a lot in the reckoning, like the Indian Rail, Administration in Engineering Colleges, The Indian Youth, and a few more; but there was one that won the race hands down. This, Hail Aunties, is a tribute to the modern aunties. Read along this satire based on my real life experiences.

Scene 1:
Aunty1- “He went to the Public Works Office and shouted like a demon there. After fifteen minutes of shouting they at last sent a man to fix the things in our house. The whole thing was set…

Like All Those Biggies :P

There's an old saying that seems to apply: Creative minds are rarely tidy. I've used that often to explain my desk/workspace. Well, mine's isn't a desk actually, it's a bed.. so what?
A picture is worth a thousand words...........  A person's mind and his desk...........
Albert Einstein's Desk
My "Desk"

A Satire on Arranged Marriages

Before going through this article, please note that I am neither the family man kind of person, nor the greedy Uncle Scruz kind of man. I am fairly different, from exploring places to reading novels to watching contemporaries to spending time alone. I do what I like and mind it, it has got to do nothing with those “You surely disrespect your parents and elders” and “You don’t know about the real world, son” type stereotype statements. That’s why, please don’t flinch on reading this and start with usual monotones like”He is selfish” or “At present he is blinded”. I only thought this (blogging) as the best option to pour my shit out.
Indian weddings, mostly arranged marriages, are known for their grandeur and elaborate nature. Pre-wedding rituals begin days before the wedding date with Roka or formal commitment of both the families towards marriage. It is followed by Sagaai (engagement), Haldi, Mehndi, Sangeet and several such customs varying from families to families. Wait, did I leave o…

I wanna fly away, Wherever my thoughts give me a way..

What am I gonna do?
Who am I gonna look up to?
For there are a hundred diversions,
But road to satisfaction, none.
Should I break away from the chains?
Give away myself to these salty rains?
And I am fed up with these restrictions
Like I am gonna give up to the frustrations
But its true that I wanna fly away
wherever my thoughts give me a way..

I hate these boundaries, my Head goes numb
When I fly away, You surely dance aplomb.
I can't live when the premises are strict
Else me with all of us would have a rift
Please let me all of ye, my decisions share
I promise, am gonna all your lives, care
Or its true one day I am gonna fly away
Wherever my damn thoughts give me a way..

The Soldier

Imraan wakes up in a district hospital at Simdega, Jharkhand, recovering from battle wounds. The CRPF soldier is shattered by the violence he had witnessed in the battle with the Naxalites and now he desires to go to home and reunite with Jayashree, the woman he loved. He keeps murmuring about wanting a peaceful life for himself. When he meets a blind man there, he realises that losing something one already has is more painful than not getting what one wants. He writes to Jayashree that he would return, and one night he leaves the hospital through the window and leaves for the village of Rubed, his homeland.

Back home, Jayashree is left alone to mend the cattle after her father died of old age. Being alone in a village under the active Naxalite zone, she is afraid to earn a life all by herself. A local foreteller sees a man walking through the woods and wishes good luck for Jayashree in the coming days. Her neighbours send a girl named Rubi to help her with her living. Soon both becom…