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Good Old Days..

Today, while chatting with friends, I suddenly heard an old song playing from a radio somewhere near, "Babuji dhire chalna.. pyaar me zarra sambhalna.." I instantly remembered the days of vivid bharti and DD-1. The magic of listening to those songs is something which can’t be described in words. There is always a binding force as what would be the next song played. And as I listened to the song I remembered our good old days of Chitrahaar.
I remember, we used to count how many songs have been played in that particular episode. And the long wait for the “new song” which usually used to be the last song of the episode!
Compare it with todays' infinite rash music played by numerous channels, continuously 24 hrs..
And add to the misery (or may be a BOON) now there is piracy, download those songs and take them along with you wherever you go..
That one hour “Disney hour” showing Tale Spin and Duck tales and today’s infinite cartoon channels all usually showcasing superman/sp…