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Never Say No!

There are men like whom we want to be, men like whom we hate to be, and then there are men like whom we hate to be but we love to have them around. Don't over-expect, it's long but nothing like the past days of frustration!

Well, for starters, let’s have a look at how do different people behave in a post-graduation college:

1.There's this rich guy, who acts like he's born in a casino in Las Vegas, with a Blackberry & a couple of skinny girls around. Normally, he's up partying & booing others but when near the teacher, he's like so serious that he literally sucks the green of a borrowed pen! Like it's a lollipop. And I'm not talking about him letting it simply touch his lips. I'm talking about him SUCKING IT. God help us all.

2. There's this girl in glasses & out-of-sort-tights. But she has a tendency to waggle her pen like she's conducting a ballet concert. I'm sure this allows information to better flow through the channels …


Old & ranting sun, broken white clouds' cover, silence of the chaotic life and I. Up on a cozy bed in a house full of things unknown, unused & unattended to; great food, laughter and total relaxation is what my heart aches for and here I am in my small home in this vaguely familiar city. While the touch of black leather cover and crisp white pages of a diary would have been sensuous, it will be difficult to underplay the usefullness of this blog containing all the good-and-bad of my life.

Why did I start a blog? Who will read it anyway? Is it safe to bare your deepest darkest secrets, desires? Is there a glint of desperation in my eyes or do I always become delirious the moment someone interrupts or interferes?

Anyways what I need today, is a day of freedom. I guess I should shed my polluted skin and then breathe free. I know some rainy day I will open up the room and spill the un-needed on the sidewalk only to make space for more but then it is better than things taking up…