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As the sun goes on burning through the days Self-imprisoned in our so-called hostel room, Suffocated, of heat, stink, and cigarette smoke, of the roaring traffic, and chaotic class mates, of the ever increasing assignments of studies, And of a million responsibilities and expectations; Numerous ideas graze through my mind, of escape. Empty thoughts screech past my ears, aloud, vibrant making themselves aloud, waking me up to the void I am in; where neither my mates stand, nor my dreams I head up to my roof, feel the air, the sky, vast; and see stars, few, and clouds all broken to pieces Something seems imperfect, why is the breeze not smooth? Why is the white cloud home to such imperfections? Something feels incomplete, empty from within, And then- I miss the moments- with you, priceless, You, who were a friend when I needed to lean on; You, who were a family when I needed to talk it out; You, the roads where I roamed about, unseen, unfazed; You, the big old desktop with games and movies unnumbered; You,…


Looks like I'm slowly making it a habit of writing a few posts a month. Well, if one has nothing good to write, why even bother to write eh. I see so much anger and bitterness in my friends and in my FB pages that sometimes you can't help but feel affected by them. I wonder why people are so angry everyday... all the time. Don't they ever get tired of being angry? Where has patience and compromise gone? Is everything about what one wants? Is nothing about what your friend wants?

For every minute you are angry, you lose sixty seconds of happiness. ~ Author Unknown

Well, moving on to something new, I have started my journey as an intern in the art and photography wing of a company. Well, technically this isn't the first, but I deliberately omitted the BSNL fiasco which was during my engineering career. I did not know what to expect since I had no idea as of how it feels working; worse on an environment I am not familiar with. It felt like as if I was in my point in life w…