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My First Trip to Keonjhar.

2.00 AM. I did not know how I woke up that day. At that time. But I was eager to go to Keonjhar, with friends Abhijit and Baijayanti(accompanied by her sister, her heavyweight brother and a newly wed Bradhna sir and his beautiful wife). True, I did not like it when Abhijit was adamant to take me along, but I gave in beacuse both were good friends of mine, and I like to travel a lot.
I got ready quickly, and packed whatever I got my hands on(I am not that much of a good packer, though.) I put a lot of dry food(thanks to my papa), and somehow got myself ready before 3.00 AM. Abhijit and I, both went to Baijayanti's house, as from there we had to start our journey, in their new Maruti Omni, which they had got from Lalchand Jewelers.
December early mornings, then, were truly chilly. Thanks to my 2 kilo Woodland's full fur jacket, I did not feel that much of a cold. Actually, I was sweating from the inside.When we got out of the city, the driver pressed the accelerator to the full.


Maybe one day we could go
hand in hand in the golden road I reach at yours' before you come And I'd be waiting at your door If I could, a few years rewind, Both of us would have more time I don't know when to start or for the matter when to stop My luck's like a tiny sentence with a billion big full-stops My tainted eyes see light But I'm still in the dark Since we've gone far I am lost, i guess, without a trace I dream about all, and then I can only see your face I look around everywhere but  It's you I can't replace I feel cold yet again I long for togetherness If I could write you a song To make you fall in back again I would already have had you near me all my beautiful life I was the only man who knew you, You didn't like cos you thought you're cool without me in your life I might act as if i dont care But actually i'm going nowhere And I can only play the one part And sit and nurse my broken heart..