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Let's just go somewhere

Let's just go somewhere, Where the dreams are free, Where the blind can see, Where we can smell the rain, Where love's the only chain, Where wishes don't go in vain, With the shoulders to lean on, We got a reason to live on, Where you talk in stupidity, And you laugh with fluidity, Where smiles are warm, Where words don't harm, Where hearts have desire, And we live off the wire, Where its us that counts, And only true joy mounts, Where stones have feelings, There's life and no meanings.

We Are All Cowards

Today, is the Independence Day.
Many schools have already celebrated the day with a cliched finesse, a day before, so that the wealthy parents, the Oh! so hardworking teachers and the busy staff could have a day, or better, a long weekend off. Those who could get out of their houses, no, they didn't go to some I-Day function or flag hoisting, they went, in huge numbers, to the premier of Singham Returns, Rohit Shetty's mix-and-match recipe for a blockbuster hit. Those who stayed home, they didn't see the Prime Minister Modi giving his I-Day oratory on the television, but they did manage to see the just released trailer of Shahrukh Khan's, err.. King Khan's Happy New Year. And the rest of us have probably started for a long holiday.

Yes, Today is the 68th Independence Day in India. And we people have become independent.
No, I was not referring to the Boston bombings or gruesome tale of Israel-Gaza. I am questioning the self-proclaimed Indians, what has become of us?