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They Say,

They say, sometimes, somewhere, you would be paid. for the toil. tears that melted away in the soil. They say, you keep trying. until a game, you finally win.
then you are cleared of your fears and sin. They say, you don't ever, from your fears, back away. until your woes, by the wind, are carried away. They say, you try to be happy and keep smiling. until your wounds have finally started healing. They say, don't ever answer back to your foes. until you find a thorn or two, in the soles of your shoes. They say, don't ever, by the pains, get over exaggerated. until you finally breakdown, and get devastated. They say, dont ever curse your life, and stay in the shed. until you find your moment, by then you get dead.

I tried what they said. Still try what they say. Untill when? Till I end up dead with the heap? and finally, dejected, and destroyed, I get to sleep?


Wanting, to be loved, to feel the warmth, to feel your beating heart. Wanting to be sheltered from the cold, heartless winds. Falling into invisible arms; into an abyss of love. Wishing, that my desires will be filled; my desires of craze unplugged. Wanting to be on the highest cliff, thrilled. Dreaming, to be a child again, and making the world dance to my tune. Longing, to be on the Eiffel tower, watching the Paris evening unfold. Lusting, to be the richest guy on the earth. and making the every other thing possible that can be, by a swash of money. Waiting, for the perfect life to occur to me, at least may be for an instance only. May be.

In these silent painful rains...

In these silent painful rains
In the dark plains of my heart
Why has snow covered it all?
In a season like this-
No flower ever blooms to life
Why do people seem to go away?
In these silent painful rains
Why does this familiar loneliness
does not leave me alone for a change?
Why does the old memories still fresh
seem to haunt me during the wee hours?
In these silent painful rains
Why doesn't my melancholy shadow leave me
even during such heavy rain-falls?
And why do old pains still prick me?
Why do tears flow time and again?
In these silent painful rains
Why do I feel like yelling aloud for once?
Why does this eerie night not seem to end?
Why doesn't a morning come in my life?
In these silent painful rains...

Its your life, dont waste it now.

Hey guys. Nothing much special, cos I have been real busy these days. This I had written yesterday. Was little out of my mind. Gloated out everything that was in my mind. Hope it does not sound that un-Pratikish..

Why do you run away from life?
It has thorns.. alongwith the roses..
Whatever it gives is for you to behold
Its your life, dont waste it now.

Open your eyes.. see the distance.
Life is a destroyer.. but also a shelter.
Whatever it gives please dont deny.
Its your life, dont waste it now.

Being lost and lonely, then found, is all in life.
Being sold, being worthless you have to accept.
Dont bother, and take it, whats gone is gone.
And lost time never knocks at the door again.

What you have now is all yours friend.
Dont care about the unfortune days, friend.
Life's nothing but a house made of sands and mud.
You dont know when its going to be washed away.

Dont say no, dont inspect.. just take the plunge.
And play with your life, feel the thrills.
Its gonna be your day some day, dont worry.

was i a small kid then?

was that memorable, the time that has passed,
or was i a small kid in the big world then?

when i waited for the festivals
and there was love in desserts and the colors

the tv set used to be ruled by me
and i waited for a movie for even a week

when there was a telephone in few houses
but my heart expressed throuh the letters

i kept relations and went to them every other weekend
cos when then was man a 4-days' relative?

the neighbour used to call to talk about a thing or two
then i found unexpected love from those strangers too

under the scorching summers who had an ac those days
but then the rains were also equally faithful

who knew burgers and chowmean then, i ate the samosas
but valued mom's chapati only next to heaven

i sat up till late watching the theatre at 9
who did make an apology for next days' work then

prices were less and i'd like to spend more
but father's gifts were always the best for me

my eyes had a shine in them, heart had dreams
i remember, then people kept a thousand…

Impromptu of an restless mind.

I once saw a programme on TV where life of innocent people who are serving life imprisonments in a high security areas. This was what I felt of people suffering there. This is written in first person intentionally.

Why are there tears in my eyes?
Why is my life so full of emptiness?
Why do I want to hear of my heart
which is nothing but a piece of stone
I ask to you, why, who people say as god-
always are the chains tightened around me?
Dreams are now chained to my memories
I am today, but my only world
Where are the happy times that knocked before?
Tears have almost dried up now
Where are those youthful moments now?
Every moment seems to be distracted now
I am finding it hard to follow the path
Where is the destination I wished to reach?
Happiness seems like pieces of broken glass
Life today seems as a punishment to me
Why has fate rejected me as such?
Why are my wishes dying one by one?
My dear ones are upset with me today
Why do the beats seem to pull back?
Where has my unchained laughter gone now?
I as…

"Pieces of Me"

A Graceful piece of me lies in you, dear mother
You gave birth to me
You nourished me, loved me
You sacrificed and struggled
You gave me the best you possibly could
A Graceful piece of me lies in you.

An emotional piece of me stays with you, dear father
You introduced me to piece and happiness
You cared for me and respected my words
You who comforted me despite trembling
You showed me how small but important things are invisible
An Emotional piece of me stays with you.

A reminiscent piece of me lies in you, dear teacher
You rendered me knowledge.
You held my hand, guided me
You who appreciated me and admired
You passed on to me all that you knew
A Reminiscent piece of me lies in you.

A Sorrowful piece of me was lost in you, dear enemy
You made me an outcast
You all ganged up and isolated me
You schemed and plotted
You methodically wrecked me emotionally
A Sorrowful piece of me was lost in you.

A Nostalgic piece of me stays with you, dear friend
You gave me true friendship
You fooled around and made me laugh

Just One Wish..

I don't understand the fact of celebrating the friendship day.. cos for me my friends value so much, and I relish each moment associated with every friend. But I guess, somehow I was coerced into writing this one.. and obviously this is for a sweet friend whom I love so much.
This is something I wrote deliberately.. just to make sure that whatever comes from my heart, I put it here. Anyways, wish my readers a Happy Friendship Day.
I wish for ye, my friend
Just one happy moment, surrounded by the ones you love;

Just one friendly smile, from an unknown yet familiar face;

Just one lovely flower in your garden, to light up your every day;

Just one dear friend, who knows you more than yourself;

Just one pat on your back, for something you have achieved;

Just one caring touch, to lighten up your troubled heart;

Just one selfless smile, for someone else's happiness;

Just one inquiring look, to make sure everythings' ok;

Just one playful wink, along with a suppressed smile;

Just one moment o…