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I Want to Be...

I want to be a nice big tree
spreading shade all around
on every sunny day
What if i fear the stroke of the axe??

I want to be a beautiful rose
bringing smile on every little face
let the hearts dance with my beauty
What if i fear the thorns beneath??

I want to be the little bird
singing at the dawn
welcoming a new special day
What if i fearthe arrow of the hunter??

I want to be the waves of the sea
sharing joy to those on the beach
enjoying to be the reason of their smile
What if i fear the pain to hit the rocks??

I want to be the special girl
Dreaming my life thats a beauty already
Living it with smiles, Enjoying the happiness
What if i fear to see a broken dream??

Can i ever be what i want to be??
Can i ever live in happiness??
Can i ever Dream??
What if I should be like that???

Thoughts of a Cluttered Mind

The wind whispers a silent tune
The waves sing the rhythm of joy
The waters wet the soft sand
The foam touches my feet, my senses

The lighthouses, the seashells
The salty weather, the fisherman boats
The tall trees, the beauty around
Will the beauty be there for ever?

Along the endless shoreline
I wish I walk with her
hand in hand, just us around
With the birds flying above

Whispers she could only hear
Her fingers brush my hair
A world I see in her arms
I wish I live this day, maybe some time...

Something Special...

There is something special
holding us together tight
though we are apart
since many long days

There is something special
that made us better and best
From the day one we met
We saw a different world

There is something special
That has sewn us together
with an unbreakable thread
Of love, of care, of joy, of happiness

There is something special
That is why i am missing you so much
I wish you are with me forever and ever
Guiding me to the righteous path

There is something special
Not in us, not in the world around
It lies in the bond we share
Its the most precious gift I care

Dear Friend, lets celebrate
our precious FRIENDSHIP
holding it close, very close
to never let it go...!!!

I Heard... I Saw. I Felt.. I Dreamt..

I heard it rained there. I heard the rickshaw stop, you came out and stood in the rain.
I saw you getting wet. I saw rain drops lurking at your eyelids. I saw you running your hands in your hair. I saw you lifting your face to look at the pouring sky. I saw you stretching your arms wide, to welcome the drops in your heart. I saw you smiling. I saw you blushing. I saw you not worrying about who is looking at you.
I felt drops of water trickling down the lashes of your eyes. I felt those drops make your skin glow. I felt a twinkle in your eyes. I felt you humming your favorite song. I felt you feeling cold. I felt you liking the chilly wind on your face. I felt you smiling again.
I dreamt a dream at that moment of lashing rains... I dreamt that you thought of me...

I do not want to do my work!

I do not want to clean my room I cannot close the door; There's so much junk piled here and there I cannot see the floor.
I do not want to rake the lawn I haven't since the last fall; There are plenty of leaves left over Hidden in the grass so tall.
I do not want to cut the grass It's almost one foot high; And the weeds are so abundant I just don't want them to die.
I do not want to get the mail I haven't in many a days; The box is probably full of junk And many more bills to pay.
I do not wnat to wash my clothes They are now pleading mercy Every cloth is full of dirt I just dont want to look so attractive
I do not want to do my work! Have I got that clear to you? I'll get it done some other day Have I got that through?

Blind Trust

Have you ever trusted someone BLINDLY? A Stranger?

I always used to fantasise those movie scenes, wherein a guy meets a girl at the railway station because the train is late and then in their wait they end up narrating their entire life story to each other. Two Complete Strangers - One Night and all secrets revealed.

But that's too filmy. Ain't it? Or are we too scared to make it a reality? Scared of the ghosts of the past? Because so many people have broken your trust in a million ways that you reach a stage when trusting someone becomes equivalent to giving your life to someone. But just because our trust was broken so many times, should it mean that we stop trusting anymore? Can we go on without trusting? Aren't we in a way trusting our friends/family? But then what's it with trusting a stranger? Is it risky, because we don't know him/her? Aren't there strong chances that the stranger that you didnt trust could actually turn out to be the missing part of the p…

Welcome to my world

Another place, a place full of hope
Where nobody lies, where angels are your guide
So many times I tell to myself
Go there inside, follow the sign

You can be living here
Without sadness, full of love
You can be living here
Trust in me, you'll never be alone

Welcome to my world
A world of love
A world that is full of hope
Welcome to my world
A world of life

You can leave your shadows behind
Don't hide yourself, wipe away the tears
Look how your hands are changing to wings
Here in my world you can leave all your fears
Tell me what do you want I can give you anything

You can be living here
Without sadness, full of love
You can be living here
Trust in me, you'll never be alone..

~Hurt n Broken~

Sometimes you aspire for support from random strangers In life when you lose your reason in front of those whom you refer as friends and relatives and then you realize that no one... literally no one is bothered about your talks, your phase your pain yourself... Only you are concerned about urself...!!! This I did realise, And since then I have decided that I wont rush to my friends for support... And when the strength within me is tormentingly over then where now should I head on to?