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Less known facts about Hinduism

Disclaimer: This article is intended for peers/light-reading only. Biggies(or anybody) who find this irrational and disrespecting, are not advised to read along. I am not responsible for any direct, indirect, incidental or consequential damages resulting from any inspirational or eye-opening remark.

Before going through this article, please note that I am NOT THE RELIGIOUS KINDA PERSON. I am fairly different, from exploring scientific explanations to questioning every damn belief on this planet. I do what I like and mind it, it has nothing to do with those "You would be punished by the lord" and "You don’t know about the reality, son" type stereotype statements. And don't call me an Atheist, rather let me be an Agnostic, an Humanist. This (blogging) is the best option to pour my shit out.

Today I will speak of the greatest ill of our society- Education and it's flawed education system. And for (your) god's sake please don't heat up in the middle of it…