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a last wish..

Expectations, hopes, thoughts, and dreams- all flash through my mind every moment They blind me to the truth,  and bind me to a web of errors. They provide the distortion And when they shatter my anger, they transfix deeper into me. Schemes, tricks, lies, fear- artificiality- rules it all And what i've buried within to stay- invulnerable, unscathed, and unaffiliated; Has betrayed me pretty squarely, And left me with this weak, vacant esthesis... somebody please take it all away, or take me from all, away.

I Want To..

“There is nothing so nice as supposing. It’s almost like being the king. If you suppose anything hard enough it seems as if it were real." - adopted and edited from "The Little Princess"

I want to own a roadside dhaba
I want to be a street musician
I want to design cards and banners
I want to write story-books and novels
I want to rise up late and see a new movie every day
I want to be a master in all kinds of photography
I want to be able to be the man that others go to for advice
I want to learn everything I can about the world around me
I want to know each and every corner of the world that exists
I want sunshine to spill through the windows of my home everyday
I want to decorate my living space with artwork created by my friends
I want to have an entire room for my picture and text collection
And another room where there are PCs and giant music systems
I want to live somewhere where I can breathe fresh air every morning
I want to own a box of memoirs that makes me f…