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This is one try at a sensuous note. Hope it pleases you all, and reminds you of soothing moments in your life.


Her breath lingered of moon dust and restrained voices. His echoed of years of earth, wait and turmoil.
They both felt like flame, the kind that set houses and forests on fire.

Their lips moved on a dance of passion and desire. As their silent lips serenaded each other in a mixed brew of self-restraint and uncaged feelings, they only thought of their pasts, and not of whose mouth connected to their own.

He heard his ex's cold gestures, like torture drilling into his heart. Personable promises rolled out off her sugar lips but the undertones carried unconditional silence and sourness. So, he continued drowning his fears and desires in the addicting drink of her lips.

She saw her flesh heat, and sharp questions digging themselves into the web of her mind. Years of deceit, should or should not - they fought but finally her heart paved way. Their supple lips whisp…