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Seconds of Night.

The week that went, and the week that is going, they have been quite awful for me. The shifting, the vodka night(where I beat up a friend and tried to choke him down!) were, on the top of everything, disastrous. Just to portray my awfulness(usually I'm always in deep shit, but this is more!), here's an apt self-written something..
The sun sets and I'm shivering on bed, Millions of thoughts run through my head! The tears flow and stream through my face. Head resting on a soaked pillow case! Hour upon hour and still awake.. Not much more heartache can I take! Night after night since I've realized. Alone in a full house have I lived! Still awake, not a minute of rest.. The only sound is in my chest. Some try and run after money. Hell is what they get, one and only! Some run for rising heights of success. What they get, is a world full of mess. What I am running for, is simply, Life. Emptiness is all I got, awry and rife. Sunrise! A pale glare through the blind.. A new day, with all those b…

..a piece for the 'single' boys

Well, I don't mean 2 things about the title. First, it is not strictly for the boys only; whosoever is interested, is welcome to read it. Second, it's not that people read this and do exactly what this suggests, it's completely my opinion. And of course I don't mean anything for anyone. Let me know your thoughts, rather.
Its while browsing yesterday I found a quote about dating girls who like reading. It said to date a girl who spends extra money on books rather that dresses or cosmetics.

Well, I leave aside my life before going further; but find a girl who likes to read. You can find out; she'll always have an unread book in her bag. She's the one who spends time looking excitedly over the shelves in a bookstore, the only girl shuffling through pages in a second hand book shop, and the one whose cheeks kinda glow when she finds a book shes' been looking for. Those types can never resist smelling the pages from a new book. The types who seldom get to drink ho…

Travelling - Addiction or Awesomeness?

After a long time, I am visiting my blog. Well, a happy new year, amigos. Hope all of you have something or the other to graze through, considering mine usually boring, with drops of joy here and there.

Well, this is all about me. About the ultimate desire in me- to have traveled around every nook and corner of this world while I am living.
Sometimes I feel like I was born to travel. I don’t mind airports or railway platforms or taxis or auto-ricksaws and time changes. Feeling out of place and not understanding people is pretty normal for me. I can make do with minimal personal hygiene(well it's true, I don't care) and I will try about almost anything(a little pause) as long as it doesn’t kill me(and, maybe, it's non-veg). I can deal with getting lost in a city(that I feel). As much as it is the thrill of being in a new place, travel has brought a lot of unexpected richness in my life.

Travel has widened my sensory experience. Often when we go outside the confines of our ever…