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It's Time's time.

While it's bizarre for modern writers to write about grimness, and macabre, this is my try, with an 19th centurish touch of American Literature. For those who won't understand bits and pieces, this is a outcry on times of today- unpredictable, merciless, ever-testing.

And always I keep hoping that,
Why isn't life similar to a fiction-
Concocts, both illustrious and affray
While I've burned all my tomorrows,
And am burning my appertaining, today..
But anything is better than this agony,
This, derisive thrust by time onto life,
Of shadow and doubt, hideous, colossal,
Has given a damp memory busying itself
Among forbidden things, and endeavors,
Frequent and thoughtful, inside a struggle,
To gather from state of nothingness, my soul,
Which dreamed of success, of a high epoch,
And conjured up happy remembrances.
A heart which is the biggest fan of Hope,
Lies now in unnatural stillness, vague horror,
As if a ghostly train has run over it.
The limitless bonds, diminishing worlds,
All outrun in …

The Big Old Indian Family.

Disclaimer: This article is intended for peers only. Biggies(or youths) who find this irrational and disrespecting, are not advised to read along. I am not responsible for direct, indirect, incidental or consequential damages resulting from any inspirational or eye-opening remark.

Before going through this article, please note that I am NOT THE FAMILY MAN KINDA PERSON. I am fairly different, from exploring places to reading novels to watching contemporaries to spending time alone. I do what I like and mind it, it has got to do nothing with those "You surely disrespect your family" and "You don’t know about the real world, son" type stereotype statements. That’s why, if you flinch on reading this and start with usual monotones like "He is selfish" or "At present he is blinded" I give a shit. This (blogging) is the best option to pour my shit out.

So, my destruction of Indian Society, its people and its values continues yet again. Ever wondered what…

The Metro Public.

I love the stereotype Indian Society for one compelling factor, it never leaves you wanting for more, whatever be the topic. Those who get enraged while reading this, please don't mind, as main tumhe chodke baki sabki maa-behen karne wala hun!

Well, had there been a bike, or car, I would've preferred this as a silent protest to the outrageous hike in petrol prices, but, whatever be the reason, I have been traveling in the Delhi Metro quite a lot these days.

These frequent metro rides have been tiresome, entertaining, convenient and irritating at the same time. Tiresome, because getting a seat is as probable as backbenchers in school scoring in History. Rare and joyous. Convenient, because, Oh! eco-friendly ko goli maro it saves me from traveling by auto-rickshaws, which is worse, facing the intolerable heat and some arrogant drivers. Entertaining and irritating are two sides of a coin; what irritates me on some days, entertains me on others (“good mood days”). Source of the ente…