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This Life is a Story

What mysteries our fortune has woven, Only our hearts should hear them. Slowly, slowly as we enter the gates Of misty atmospheres of unguaranteed hopes. The shadows of white clouds of dreams Into the hopes go deep indeed. You and I are both lost in awe Beholding dreams, sleeping or awake. This life is a story, What will happen, there’s no way to know. This life is a caravan, Where would it go, there’s no way to know.
It’s as if sparks flow, All over our veins, throughout the body. Our wits are light and refreshed, But it’s as if nothing’s under control now. Restlessness in every limb of ours, Becoming lightning, it snakes through us. Sometimes, among these untold moments, A cloud of sweet pain overshadows the body, Breath tangled, our hearts pound heavily. Who knows how our trouble gets erased? This life is a story, What will happen, there’s no way to know. This life is a caravan, Where would it go, there’s no way to know.
Come, joining together, we'll sing a song,both melodious and beautiful,in which may there be onlythe sweetness of the flowing emotions.I've learned how to hum,how to continuously smile,since you've become dear to my heart.You and I shall sing a melody,a melody of life and of every happiness and of love.A tiny, little darling flower budsoftly told me this:he is blessed in this world,who has received the love of others.The flower bud now blooms to the fullest;so beautiful with vibrant colors as never before.I and you shall sing a melody,a melody of life and of every happiness and of love.Come, joining together, we'll sing a song both melodious and beautiful,

Will thou be there?

Will thou be there to rescue and my hand hold,
When rushing to drown me the sea would come,
Will thou be there when day turns night and cold
When the wick decays, my limbs become numb
Will thou allot me thy cloak soft to sheath
When this temporal home to dust fades
Will thou lend me a corner in thy heart
When my heartbeats stall, brain turns to jelly
Will thou be there waiting with open arms
When this caged door opens to let bird fly
Will thou come to lead me to my abode
My true abode blissful in thy sweet lap!

Never say Never

Never let life get you down,

don’t get caught up in endless

rounds of could-I or should-I,

block your ears from hearing

that it’s not realistic, don’t believe

that dreams won’t come true,

Forget living in the so-called real world,

ignore those who state it will never

happen for you. Instead, remember

to dream large, fly high, design life

the way you want it to be. Just remember

its your dreams, and its your life.

And its just you.. so never say never.

Shall I?

You say that you can’t go on,that it all feels too much . . . Shall I agree that this is the only way, that nothing will ever improve?
Shall I grant you permission, or solace, or your need for forgiveness?
Shall I give you leave to end your life upon this Earth?
No, that I will not do.

Shall I sing a song of tear-cried rivers from anguished souls left behind?
Shall I tell you of my angry heart that rages against allowing your light to die?
Or, shall I fight for you, and with you until the day you draw your last breath?
Oh, yes, THAT I will do.

The Bridge

Where does this bridge lead? Who would know? A Moment to heed, Or a Place to go?
Along our Paths, Bridges we find, Quesions we ask, What will I find?
Will this bridge hold me? Will I fall into the abyss? If I don't cross now, What would I miss?
Where does this lead? Where to go? A moment to heed, Or a place to go?

I Think of You

Some people think of diamonds. Some people think of gold. But I think of things weird. Things no one can do. Things no one can think of. And I think of my best friend. I think of you.
Till the night grows cold. Your memories keep me safe. Visions of us keep me warm; And miles away from worries. Some people dream of riches. A whole lot of money. But I think of you when lonely. I think of my precious friend. I think of you.

Once there was a little boy..

Once there was a little boy, full of innocent charm Who chased butterflies in gardens, green fields In his childish ecstasy, his eyes brimmed with dreams of catching colors in his little palm. So many times he used to catch them Those winged, lovely dreams In his innocent desire to own them he Used to keep them in crystal jars
His little heart used to break the next morn When he used to see them lying lifeless In the floor without the soul, just the tiny bodies The little boy used to break into tears of pain.
One day his mother saw him crying Strings of pearl rolling down young cheeks Knowing the reason she gently hugged him, and told him we can’t own everything we love
There are free spirits, not meant for chains Spirits like them are most beautiful ones Everyone craves to own them as their own But they wither away at the touch of chains
My darling little kid, if you truly love some one See what is best for her, what keeps her safe Don’t force yourself on her, let her fly to heaven Let her live, love, and …

Happy Deepavali

The clear blue sky,
The scent of flowers,
The colors of Rangoli,
And the sound of crackers.

Gifts and sweets from dear ones,
And the getting of their love,
The light of the candles below,
And the dazzling fireworks up above.

Lighting lamps at our homes,
Making the less fortunate smile,
Putting on new apparels,
Show our friends some style.

Paying respects to the gods,
And decoratingfor them the thali,
This is what the occasion is all about,

This is the spirit of Deepavali...

We will find a way together

If there is a mountain too steep to climb We will find a way together If there gnawing sadness in your life We will find a way together If there is faith shattered like broken glass We will find a way together Flames of deception woven in the past We will find a way together Light and truth are all you seek We will find a way together Mistakes can be forgiven we can be healed We will find a way together To make mistakes is being human We will find a way together If your heart is pure and your devotion true We will find a way together

This Fake World

Felonist visions of a world on water Decisions charred like used-up match-sticks Pleasant formalities greedily exchanged Somewhere hostility meets tolerance ..and the world assumes all is right only to be filled with lies and illusions we just don't know any better...

I'll Paint You a Rainbow

I'll paint you a rainbow to hang on the wall, to brighten your heart when grey shadows fall On a canvas of joy outlasting the years With a brush of sweetness to dry your tears.
I'll paint you a rainbow with colors of smiles, That glow with sincerity over the miles On a palette of words I will tenderly blend Tones into treasures of sunlight and wind.
I'll paint a rainbow that reaches so wide Your sighs and sorrows will vanish inside And studded deep in each of the different hues Is a sweet memory fashioned especially for you.

the crescent moon

Lying in bed gazing out the window

at the star studded sky night sky

stars studded in black night velvet

millions of diamonds burning bright.

The sickle moon was shining

Like a beautiful dream

Surrounded by those diamonds

It looked like a page of fairy tale

The king in his throne

Shining in his own glory

His beautiful queens around him

Basking in his and their own charm.

I wish I had such a sweet blessing

To be born surrounded by beauty

To have the eye to see them

And have the heart to rejoice.


Have you seen the moon rise?
An impecable glitter in the sky.
I wonder who she's looking at,
I know I'd melt like chocolate..
I watch the translucent grey clouds sail,
But she hides behind their misty veil.
Rushing through my heart in blues of the night
She brings awe with every sparkle tonight.
Oh! Shine on me your wondrous peace
Your light helps my heart appease
The world below is fast asleep,
You alone meekly our secrets keep
I dream away this blissful night.

Shine on me, Oh glorious moonlight!

This Insane World

He made the mistake of reading the news today. Reminded, yet again, of the insanity that surrounds us; the human beasts we are forced to co-exist with. A truth that at times, is almost too much to bear.200 might be dead as major quake hits Indonesia: Officials. Typhoon Ketsana toll touches 331. 14 women, 6 children among 35 dead in Kerala tourist boat capsize. 'Pshyco' dad locked up 3 daughters, wife for 7 years in Mumbai. Man kills kids and wife, commits suicide. Disabled kid debarred from exams. 10 killed in bus-truck collision. Private bus-owners threaten to call strike. 2 killed, 2 injured in gang war.He finished the list, turned off the computer and gently shut the lid. Walked to his bedroom, closed the curtains, climbed into bed, pulled the covers over his head; and gently wept like a girl.Some people laugh and call it silly.
Some people label him anti-social.
Some think he’s naive, lost in his own world.
Some call him a self-centered and arrogant.
Some advise he should cut…