If My Thoughts Could Think

This writing has taken a lot of time and editing.. still I am not satisfied completely. But I thought I should post it and welcome any changes, that would be better. And, not all part of this is mine, I admit, a good friend has provided me with a few ideas. Thanks to him.


Penning yet another of my sagas,
But I don’t yet have a story to ink.
So, I put this burden on thought’s wings,
As I dip into imagination and sink.

A girl and a boy were friends,
In harmony, their childhood did roll.
But complications arose and they broke up,
As puberty did take its toll.

They had their own discrete dreams,
And to get it they awaited a chance.
So, they got into different high schools,
Separated by distance and branch.

Part I – Her School

Heavy words of Shakespeare and Keats,
Had an effect on her tender mind.
With a heavy sigh, welcoming maturity,
Her thoughts she did unbind.

Her thoughts, “Plays so boring and long,
Why can’t these be light like movie songs?
I wonder why I choose this stream.
What would he say on this, I dream?

Does he remember how we grew?
Does he still think of me, like I do?
The next week is inter-school fest.
Will he be present among the rest?”

Part II – His School

Labs works were tedious and tiring,
Messy wires, complex current flow.
With a heavy sigh, breaking free,
His thoughts he let go.

His thoughts, “Ohm’s Law, theorems and
Calculations; enough is enough.
At the pungent smell of circuits burning
I wonder would she laugh.

Fun times of our childhood, does she remember too?
Does she still think of me, like I do?
The next week is their inter-school fest.
Will I be able to prove myself best?”

Part III - A Tussle of Thoughts

His thoughts and Her thoughts
Thus released, paced up their strides,
Towards the realms of imagination
Where the wingless angels glide.

His thoughts, “You’ll catch cold if you play in the rain.”
Her thoughts, “Oh My! You are such a big-brain.”
His thoughts, “My care for you, I wanted to prove.”
Her thoughts, “All’s Ok till my individuality you disapprove!”

Her thoughts, “Oh my new dress you didn’t even notice.”
His thoughts, “I was awestruck, what could I comment?”
His thoughts, “Yuck, the cake tastes as bitter as spleen.”
Her thoughts, “I cooked it for you. You are so mean.”

Her thoughts, “I told you not to climb that tree.”
His thoughts, “Oh! It was just a scratch on my knee.
"I brought you the flower and you were crying silly.”
Her thoughts, “I was sad. You hurt yourself for me.”

His thoughts, “You have been a silly girl with a big ego,
That is why I just thought of letting you go.”
Her thoughts, “You have been a stubborn little dumbo,
I left you why, I guess now you should know.”

Part IV - A Tie of Thoughts

And thus their thoughts conferred and came to a resolution...

Their thoughts, “Perhaps they were
Misunderstandings fuelled by our rage.
Or might be the side effect
Of the boiling hormones of age.

Might be a little from her, he needed to hear.
Might be his cloud of doubts, she should have cleared.
May be they both should have been a bit more patient,
And to each other mistakes, been a little lenient.

In childhood, harmony there was,
Can’t we still have it in us?
Perhaps if together we hold hands and try
We might make each other listen to their cries.”

Part V – The Inter-School Fest

Their thoughts shook hands,
And flew to the realm of reality,
Where He and She were in the fest,
Awaiting serendipity.

He, “I have been foolish, I hurt your feelings.
Will you please forgive me?”
She, “Well, there’s nothing to forgive,
We both have been silly.”

The ice had melted,
Their hearts were again warm.
Bowing onto his knees before her,
Said he, stretching out an arm,

“Not a diamond, not a pearl,
Just few lines to gift to you girl.
Along with them, I give you the whole of me,
And a promise to love you, till eternity.”

She smiled out her feelings of love,
Which crimson cheeks could no more hide.
With a hug, they plunged into their 1st kiss,
And they lived happily ever after, side by side.


If ever in life, you feel that magic in someone,
Don’t wait, but make them yours with a wink.
Or you will be rubbing hands; sighing and saying,
“Alas! Only if thoughts could confer and think.”


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