My Love for Nature..My Photography

Hello Readers. These are some of my clicks of places I have visited. Hope you enjoy them.

the brahmani river

road to daringbadi

fisheries, chilika

tiny falls along road to keonjhar

after huge mugs of handia(our desi wine), two localites lost in a song

inside mahanadi reservoir, a quiet moment with nature

pradhanpat waterfalls, deogarh

gudguda waterfalls

sunrise at devrigarh

lone boat on mahanadi, devrigarh

champajharan railway station

clouds kissing peaks, dalma - dimna

koilighughar temple

darjing, rourkela

pandit feeding swans, koilighughar temple

koilighughar stream, jharsuguda

road to koilighughar

koilighughar stream

Lahunipada highway, rourkela

the hirakud power plant, mahanadi basin

mahanadi reservoir

a pink lily in a pond, deogarh

corn fields, keonjhar

ganesha chandua, pipili

tribal man offers lotus to the sun lord


  1. really prateek........this is amusing...wht a nice bit of photgrapy.....i really love it......

  2. Wow Brother....!!!
    Good Job
    carry on...& Keep Inspiring wid dis kinda Superb activities

  3. Amazing pics yyaar.. you are simply great photographer .. especially mahanadi reservoir and clouds kissing peaks, dalma - dimna are very beautyful :)

  4. awesome photography dude...gud work keep it goin...i really love it!!!

  5. Ma Raana bobaal heychhi bey....keep ip up Hunki...muah :D

  6. coooooollll...........

    jhakas heichi re...ete sabu bulilu kebe...
    u hv a very bright future in photography....
    all the best....carry on...

  7. wat!!!!!!!!..u must b kidding..u r such a flawless photographer 2??????.......nt fair yaar..saare talents ek aadmi k paas..nt fair at al..

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