Friends, Bikes and a Day in Puri

Saturday, Sept. 5th- Today there was no mood for classes. Somewhere from the inside, my heart was inching to spend the day in a more interesting way. I almost leaped, when I heard about some friends talking about going to Puri on bikes. I instantly agreed. Bunked the college. Quickly got prepared with a towel, a bottle of water, extra clothes, and some three hundred bucks. The journey to Puri was.. kind of boring, cos we were late, and there were only two of us. so my bike whizzed past the 80 km/hr mark more than a couple of times. Even there was a bird, flying low.. that got severely injured when it smashed with the bike. All said and done, we reached Puri at 11 o'clock. There was always the local charm of Puri awaiting to welcome us.

Puri. there are traffic squares, but people have their own rules.

We straight away headed to the beach. The golden sands beach. It is nowhere near what it used to be a few years back, but the beach fever still clings on to our hearts.


bathing in the bay of bengal. half-naked.

There were a lot of petty shops, and vendors, selling decor items or food. There are the camel riders and horse riders with their camels and mares. They used to give the tourists a ride and charge a particular amount.

a vendor selling sweets on the beach

a vendor selling colorful handbags on the beach

a vendor selling sea-shells of different sizes

I enjoyed the wind blowing against me, the sound of the waves smashing at the shore, and the beauty of the locales of the town.

three friends enjoying the pleasant setting

The arts and crafts of this town are amazingly beautiful, enriched with the local culture and fervours.

a sand art on the Puri sea beach

a painting on the palm leaf

Then we went to the temple of Lord Jagannath.

the entrance to the temple.

But we could not take more pictures because of security reasons. Then we continued the journey.
Meanwhile, we kept up our tempo and people their were literally taken aback by our fanatics.


...and time for some photo-shoot??

...but the madness took over again...!!!

..but I silently carried on my work.

...the mouth-watering golguppas

...a stone carving of Lord Ganesha.

cloth-work, or pattachitra, of Pipili.

And thus we finished with Puri. but that wasn't all. We went on the Marine Drive, to Konark too.

the Marine Drive, with lush casuarina on both sides.

..and stopped at a restaurant for lunch.

then it was a perfect 15 min on the Konark beach.

...then we reached at.. the grand Sun Temple

the temple was.. majestic!!!

But dusk loomed large and we decided to return quickly. So, this was a little trailer of what we did that day.
I had to put it cos it was.. just like coming from nowhere and filling my heart with lots of joy. Hope to write soon. Take Care.


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