Poem: In Thought and Soul

Go far away, ye forsaken hours,
Nor do I need thy cares, o world,
Sun and season, set me free,
I have frolic love in my midst,
and that's enough for the whilst.

All over and around in my voyage,
Have I countered a hundred maidens
But ye, on knowing, I rest my feet.
Charming to folks, bathed in moon,
yet thou are robed with eternal grace.

Weaving tales, thine eyes enchant me
And voice, fairer than countless fairies,
My heart arrests at thy furtive glances.
I speak true, that from thereafter,
I have become ye, in thought and soul.


  1. Soulful. Vintage. Beautiful.

    If she is as fair (not to be read as color of skin), one would become hers by all means.

    1. Thank you Saru. Yes, she is that fair and more. :)


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