I Miss You..

Below is part of the mail, or mostly the full mail; I received from my best friend, after reading it I was.. I even couldn't think of anything. My eyes were watery. Why does this happen to me all the time?

I've got a sad news for you..Last nite meri younger cousin sis ko orkut pe kisi ne kuch keh dia....galat keh dia ..u noe..kaise kaise log hote hain...she told her parents..family mein issue ban gaya.. n aaj my dad asked me to delete my orkut n fb accnt..even if i'll have..tab bhi sirf known ppl ko add karne ki permission milegi..i dont want mere character ke against family mein koi kuch bhi kahe..i hope u understand...so i'm deleting my accounts in a day or two..ye address bhi shayad delete ho jaye...kabhi meri yaad aaye then do write on ur blog...tumhara blog maine khud banaya tha..tumhari queen of dreams ko maine apne haathon se sajaya tha..keep it olways as my memory with u..I ve been shedding down tears this afternoon..but I'm sorry...i broke the promise i had made.. Just take me as a dream which came to you when were ol alone...Ol d best fo ur future..n ye address kabhi delete mat karna...may be i'll mail u at times..

With loads of love and wishes...

I just wanna say to her that I miss her a great deal.


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